Sunday, June 6, 2010

[Message][2010.06.06] CEO Park Posted Message @ Royal Avenue Site

Jung Min left a message on the site.. what did he say?? As usual, let's wait for translation.. it's almost 3am..! I'm signing off soon.. ^^

PS: Talking about Royal Avenue, there was one missing rabbit on the day we popped by the showroom.. It should had been SIX bunnies but we only saw FIVE. We tried to ask the staff about it who wasn't able to speak English though he was trying VERY HARD to explain.. To spare him from further torment, we retracted our question so we didn't get an answer for that. haha

Credit: (Official Blog) + Royal Avenue + (Chi Trans) 小北北/LOVE小马马 @NO.43Park + (Eng Trans)
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English Translation:

CEO Message

Hello! This is Park Jung Min representative

Lapin Carrot is now re-opened

I have done a lot in this not so long and also not so short period of time in order to bring you more better products

The online shopping mall Lapin Carrot established especially for women , what do you think?

Hope all women who enjoy fashion trend, who like fashion trend to develop with Lapin Carrot together

Lapin and Royal Avenue will work hard to aim a higher quality and be a recognizable brand

To be an online store that can follow the step of style trend closely

Through the brand recognizability of Lapin Carrot, we will work hard to become the Asia recognizable or even world recognizable brand

Be happy forever, let’s shop happily ~!

Park Jung Min

Original Message

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