Wednesday, March 31, 2010

[Photo][2010.03.26] Hyun Joong @ Seoul Fashion Week - Outside SETEC

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[Photo][2010.03.26] Jung Min @ Seoul Fashion Week - Arrival @ SETEC

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[Photo][2010.03.31] Jung Min - Clothes Sponsorship from 'Star with Multi'

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[Photo][2010.03.28] Young Saeng @ Seoul Fashion Week - Kwak Hyun Joo

Another picture of Saengie @ Kwak Hyun Joo Collection fashion show. Next to him is Minnie on the left and F4 Kim Bum is behind him on the right. ;)

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[Video][2010.03.31] Hyung Jun @ MBC ProGamer Episode 10 *FINAL EPISODE*

Credit: poohlhl + 미니민~~ + MBC Every1
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SS501 - Kim Hyung Jun MB¢game [31.03.10] EP10 - 1

SS501 - Kim Hyung Jun MB¢game [31.03.10] EP10 - 2

SS501 - Kim Hyung Jun MB¢game [31.03.10] EP10 - 3

SS501 - Kim Hyung Jun MB¢game [31.03.10] EP10 - 4

SS501 - Kim Hyung Jun MB¢game [31.03.10] EP10 - 5

SS501 - Kim Hyung Jun MB¢game [31.03.10] EP10 - 6

SS501 - Kim Hyung Jun MB¢game [31.03.10] EP10 - 7

SS501 - Kim Hyung Jun MB¢game [31.03.10] EP10 - 8

[Photo][2010.03.31] Hyung Jun @ MBC ProGamer Episode 10

Credit: J&U + MBC Every1
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[Info][2010.03.31] Kyu Jong - Digital Single Release on April 12 !!

Credit: SS601 + Melon + Lois @SGTripleS
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According to this, KYU's digital single will come out on April 12, 2010.
Many fans think it may be the one of OST of SuperStar(drama, not be aired yet).

[News][2010.03.30] HyunJoong won 2nd place @ 'Which star do you want to receive a sweet kiss as birthday present from?'

Credit: NewsPrime Korea + (English Translation)
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Rotiboy ( has conducted a survey targeting towards its site members that lasted throughout a period of 10 days which begun since 19th. And in the results shown, Kang Dong-won was been recorded as Number 1 for this.

In this conducted survey by Rotiboy under the name of “2010, Original Rotiboy 3rd anniversary! Event”, flower boy Kang Dong-won who has been active on the screens lately in movie “Sworn Brothers” gained the 1st position with 31% of votes, while the 2nd position was gained by flower boy Kim HyunJoong who’s always radiating with glow at 17%, 4th position went to world star Bi (rain) at 16%, while 5th position was 2PM’s Taecyeon (9%).

Roti boy’s marketing team Go Hee-jung deputy chief has said, “In year 2010, rotiboy who is now celebrating their 3rd anniversary, will be conducting various different kinds of cultural events every month, and hold online polls through our homepage, this is done in such a way so as to satisfy our customers, hoping they would enjoy it like this.”

[Photo][2009.03.02] Jung Min @ Musical Stage 2009 - GREASE

Hehe, these photos were taken during the musical stage GREASE where Minnie was the male lead. He even won a trophy for his excellent acting at 2009 Golden Ticket Award! ^^

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[Photo][2010.03.24] Hyung Jun @ MBC ProGamer Episode 9

Credit: PrettyBoy + MBC Every1
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[Fancam][2010.03.28] MinSaeng @ Seoul Fashion Week - Kwak Hyun Joo (OBSESSION)

Credit: OdeDS501 + 이본느 + Kwak Hyun Joo
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SS501 YoungSaeng + JungMin @ Kwak Hyunjoo Collection (SFW '10) @ 280310

SS501 YoungSaeng & Jungmin @ Kwak Hyunjoo fashion show @ 280310

[Info][2010.03.28] SBS Music High PD Noona's Departure Message

Ahh, previously I reposted a message from Music High board on Sunday morning, thinking it was our Maknae. Then after I read it again carefully, I realised it was from the Producer (PD Noona). It was actually quite a sad day at the studio when she officially announced her departure. Because of the close working relationship with PD noona, Maknae was filled with sadness that he cried during the show. In her message, she talked about her days as the producer for the program and also mentioned Maknae.
Below is the summary translation of the message.

Credit: SBS Power FM + (Chinese Translation) + (English Translation) crazynoona
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Background Info: After this season of SBS Broadcast, SS501’s Music High would officially change its name to Kim Hyung Jun’s Music High. At the same time, the PD noona who has been with Hyung Jun for a year will also be leaving. The new PD is a very experienced male DJ. He was in charge of Song Eun Ee’s and Shin Bong Sun’s [Dong Do Dong Rak] Radio show. After Dong Do Dong Rak has undergone a transformation, this PD is coming over to Music High to work with Hyung Jun. 29 March will be the new edition of Music High. Before leaving Music High, the PD noona and the scriptwriter noona both have left messages on the Music High message board.

PD Noona's Message ~
Honestly, Hyung Jun is my first DJ. Even though I have previously been involved in other broadcasts, but those are being handled by other seniors and I was there to tie up the loose ends. Moreover, for those projects, I was working with very experienced DJs. So the projects didn’t seem to be entirely mine.

But for Hyung Jun, he was truly under my influence and we grow together.

In the real sense, he is my first DJ, “My child”

A DJ who works under a PD who is not very experienced (ah, my weakness includes more than just inexperience), and under a PD who doesn’t have a good character/attitude, Hyung Jun really suffered alot.

I nagged at him frequently, yelled at him several times and even showed my temper many times.

But he still continues to work with me without any complaints. I’m really grateful towards Jun DJ! (But all these is because noona likes you, so please excuse me ok? Heh heh)

Hyung Jun is really a very kind-hearted child. He is always very cheerful and gentle. This is what I feel after working with him together for a year.

Really will not be able to find another such kind-hearted DJ and scriptwriter to work with already...

This is what happened when we were all together last Sunday night for the last broadcast:

Hyung Jun suddenly cried while saying that it was the last time working with us noonas. I smiled and said “What? He cried again~ Haha” But when I turned around, I realised that the scriptwriter noona’s eyes were red and she was crying...

It is like this almost everyday...A broadcasting room wtih two kind-hearted (emotional) people working together with a cold-blooded person .

Reading emotional posts, DJ and scriptwriter started tearing. Only this PD is unmoved... This is usually the situation. Hahaha...

Because I’m a very temperamental and narrow-minded PD, I’m very grateful towards the staff who have been working with me.

On the last broadcast day, the new PD and scriptwriters were all around. After seeing that the present scriptwriter and DJ were crying so badly, the new Mr. PD felt a little awkward before commenting, “Why cry ? Does that mean that we are the Invaders? Hehe”

The PD who is soon taking over is one of the senior PDs that I have high regards for. He is really a good PD so I can leave here with no worries.

He will definitely become Hyung Jun DJ’s good PD, good brother.

I also hope that everyone will continue to show your enthusiastic support.


Original Message

쭌 DJ는 아니구요...;; 쭌 PD입니다..ㅎㅎ (2010.03.27 03:52:44)

뒤늦게 덧붙이는 말)
앗! 저 결혼하는 거 아닙니다;; 김마스타의 농담이었을 뿐!!ㅎ
미리 덧붙이는 말)
다 쓰고 다시 읽어보니... 와.. 글 정말 두서 없네요.. 하하하..;;;
그냥 편하게 읽어주세요ㅋㅋㅋ:)

친애하는 뮤하 가족 여러분,
안녕하세요! SS501의 뮤직하이 이준원PD입니다.
이번 저희 SBS 봄개편을 맞아 뮤하를 떠나면서
여러분께 마지막 인사 드리고파 몇자 써요.. 씨익.

예~전에 처음으로 한 번 인사말 쓰면서 자주 인사드리겠노라 했는데,
두 번째 쓰는 글이 마지막 인사라니..ㅎ_ㅎ
게을러서..일 수도 있지만, 그냥 왠지 공식적으로 자꾸 말하기 힘든 점이 많아
하고 싶은 말이 있어도 그냥 참게 되더라구요.
하지만 개인적으로 몇몇 분들과는 #1077 문자를 주고받으며 얘기 나누고,
짧은 댓글로도 인사 나누고..
여기저기 다니며 눈팅도 많이 하고..
무엇보다도, 매일 새벽 2시, 방송으로 여러분 만나면서
참 정도 많이 쌓았어요. 저는 여러에게... :)

지금도 하고 싶은 말은 많은데.. 정리도 잘 안 되고..
그냥 몇 마디만.. 생각나는대로..

먼저... 1년이 채 안 되는 시간 동안 참 많은 일이 있었어요.
즐겁고 보람되고 감동적인 일도 많았고..
근데, 아무래도 담당 PD라 그런지
속상했던 일이 마음의 짐처럼 남아
그냥 떠나는 마당에(라도) 툭 터놓고 말씀드리고 싶기도 해요..
긁어 부스럼일 수도 있지만..

음.. 현중군 오셨을 때.. 그때.. 일.. 말씀드리는거에요..
윽.. 이 얘기 한 줄 썼는데 벌써 심장이 벌렁벌렁...
긴장되면서 온몸이 굳네요...

그때 여러모로 SS501 팬 여러분들께서 실망 분노하셔서
제작진을 향해 비판과 비난을 퍼부으셨는데요..
개인적으로도 아쉬운 점이 많아, 깊이 반성했습니다..

이제 와서 다시 이 얘기를 꺼내는 건,
그때 유난히 비난의 중심이 되었던
작가언니에 대한 오해를 좀 풀어드리고 싶어서에요.
한편으론 이런 글이 이제와서 무슨 의미가 있나 싶지만..
그냥 그동안 제 맘의 짐이기도 해서
이기적인 맘으로 짐을 내려놓고 싶어서..

그때 작가언니에게 화가 나신 부분들..
사실 다 제가 잘못한 거였는데..
일일이 열거하기도 힘들지만...

예를 들면,
<꽃남> 명대사를 이용한 코너 기획.. 이런 거..
작가 언니의 탐탁지 않은 반응 속에서도
그냥 제가 밀어붙여 진행한 거였고..
사진을 올리며 ‘옷에 대한 양해 부탁한다’는 코멘트도..
제 딴엔.. 고릴라에 ‘모자 좀 벗어달라’는 주문이 많기에
사진 올릴 때 그에 대한 코멘트 좀 써달라 주문했던 건데
이게 괜한 오해를 사고..
인증사진도 그렇고.. 등등등..
이 외에도 정말 많은 부분이 있었지만.. 다 쓰기는 그렇고..

제가 구상하고 주문했던 일들 때문에
다른 사람이 비난 받으니 참.. 참 힘들더군요.
암튼 그땐 제작진의 변을 하고 싶은 맘도 있었지만,
막상 당시엔 정말 겁도 많이 먹고
의기소침해 있었고 자신감도 많이 잃은 상태여서..
그냥.. 시간이 지나가길 그렇게.. 빌고 빌었던 듯해요.

다 지난 일이지만,
그 때 일에 대해 한 번도 공개적으로 여러분께
얘기한 적이 없어서.. 그냥 다 제 잘못이었다고,
그때 배운 게 많노라고,
털어놓고 싶어 이렇게 적어봅니다..

그땐.. 뭔가 욕심이 많이 앞섰던 듯도 하고,
그래서인지 여러모로 판단 미쓰도 참 많았어요..
지금 생각해도 아쉽고..

암튼, 그랬습니다!^_________________^

사실 털어놓자면, 저도 형준이가 첫 DJ랍니다.. :)
물론 입사해서 몇몇 DJ들을 겪었지만,
그네들은 이미 오랜 전부터 엄청난 공력을 지녀오신 베테랑들이셨고,
프로그램도 이전 스텝들이 다 만들어놓은 것을 이어받은 것이어서
‘내 것’이라고 말하긴 좀 그랬죠.

근데.. 형준이는..
저의 디렉팅을 받아들이고 함께 성장할 수 있는,
진정한 내 첫 DJ, ‘내 새끼’였죠. :D
서툰 PD 밑에서,
(아,, 서툴기만 한 게 아니군..)
성격도 더러운 PD 밑에서 형준이가 고생이 많았죠..
잔소리도 많이 하고, 소리도 많이 지르고, 화도 많이 냈는데
그때마다 싫은 소리 않고 잘 따라와 준 형준DJ에게 참 감사해요.
(그래도 누나가 다 널 사랑해서 그런거야..라고 변명을? ㅎㅎ)

형준인 정말.. 정말 착한 아이에요..
그림자 없이 밝고, 심성이 고운..

제가 1년 동안 같이 일하며 느낀 건데..
정말 그렇게 착한 DJ와 착한 작가가 없습니다요.

스텝들과는 마지막이 될 일요일밤 방송을 녹음하면서 있었던 일인데요..
갑자기 형준이가 누나들과 마지막이라고 하면서 우는 거에요 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
저는 막~ 웃으면서 “머야 쟤 또 울어~~ 푸하하하하하하”
이러면서 작가 언니를 휙~ 돌아봤는데,
작가 언니도 토끼눈이 돼서는 울고 있는 겁니다...;;
거의 매일이 그랬습니다..
착한 사람 두 명과 냉혈한 한 명이 함께 하는 스튜디오..
슬픈 사연 읽으면서도 DJ와 작가는 울고 있는데, PD는 눈만 껌뻑껌뻑하고.. -_-)a
대략 이런 상황들.. 하하..;
저같이 다혈질인데 소심하기까지한 PD와 일해준
우리 스텝들에게도 참 감사하다능..

참. DJ와 작가가 마지막이라며 눈물 흘리던 그날,
스튜디오에 새로올 스텝들도 함께 있었는데요,
그 둘이 하도 우니까..
찰리PD(새로올 PD)가 처음엔 좀 난감해하다가
나중엔 결국 한마디 날렸어요.
“아니 왤케 울어~ 우리가 무슨 청나라 군대냐?? 응??!!”

찰리 피디.. 제가 제일 존경하고, 또 좋아하는 선배들 중에 한 분이세요!
그래서 떠나면서도 맘이 놓여요.
분명 형준DJ에게도 좋은 PD, 좋은 형이 돼줄거에요.
저희에게 보내주신 응원과 관심,
그 이상을.. 조심스레 부탁드리며 떠나렵니다..^^

프로그램 하면서 고되기도 하지만,
즐거운 맘으로 할 수 있어 행복했어요.
저보다 어린 학생분들의 사연을 보면서는 ‘나도 그랬었는데~’ 했구요,
저보다 나이 많으신 분들의 얘기 들으면서는 ‘인생이란 그런 것인가?’ 많이 배웠구요,
무엇보다도 저와 비슷한 또래들의 구직과 취업, 사랑과 이별, 친구, 가족 이야기 나눌 땐
친구처럼 즐겁고 참 많은 위로가 됐었어요.

그리고 선곡 좋다고 해주시는 칭찬이 참 많은 힘이 됐는데요, (감사해요!)
빈말이 아니라, 다 뮤하 가족분들 덕분이에요..
좋은 노래 발견하면 뮤하 홈피 달려와서 신청곡으로 남겨주시고,
문자로 보내주시고 하신 우리 애청자분들..
참 감동적이었구요.. 감사했어요.
저도 항상 좋은 노래 들으면 ‘우리 방송에 틀어야지!’하고 아껴두고 했었는데,
이젠.. ㅠ

제 첫 프로그램의 식구들과 애청자 여러분들을
가슴 깊이 고이 간직하고 잊지 않겠습니다.

제 노트북 바탕화면에 있는 ‘뮤직하이’ 폴더에 저장하는 방송 큐싯이
뮤직하이0414.hwp로 시작했는데, 벌써 거의 한 바퀴 다 돌아
다시 0414를 향해 온 거 보면 참 시간이 빠르긴 빨라요.
만일 뮤직하이를 한 텀 더 맡게 되면
그땐 파일이름을 어떻게 다르게 저장해야하나.. 잠시 고민도 했는데,
뮤직하이0329.hwp 파일을 마지막으로 뮤하를 떠나네요.
눙물이.. 흐흐흐..

그동안 스텝들에게까지 따듯한 마음 베풀어주신 많은 분들,
모두 감사드립니다.
건강하시구요, 앞으로도 뮤직하이에 많은 사랑 보내주세요!

(항상 형준이와 방송 끝나면서 하는 인사로 여러분과도 인사드릴게요.)

새벽 4시가 가까워오는데 여태 안 자고 있는 준원느 드림

[Photo][2010.03.29] Hyung Jun @ MBC ProGamer Episode 10

Credit: MBC Game
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[News][2010.03.29] The 13th Game, A Match with SS501 Kim HyungJoon! Result is?

Credit: + SS601 + (English Translation) xiaochu
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In the new variety on MBC game, ‘The 13th Game’ gagman Kim HyungIn will have a match in StarCraft with SS501 Kim HyungJoon.

The match between ‘The 13th Game’ Kim HyungIn and ‘HyungJoon To Be A Pro-Gamer’ Kim HyungJoon is a match decided among the players on the spot for a 1 on 1 battle net match between the self-claimed 13 Game’s ace Kim HyungIn and Kim HyungJoon. It was recorded on 17-Mar at LOOX MBC GAME HERO CENTER.

In the match on this day attracted attention with the 2 on 2 teamplay battle match between The 13th Game’s ace players Kim HyungIn, Han SeungKyu who were chosen based on their own rankings, and ‘HyungJoon To Be A Pro-Gamer’ team’s Kim HyungJoon and Seo KyungJong.

In addition, with a shocking defeat with score of 5:0 in the first round, The 13th Game was sore on their defeat. In order to break off from this setback, they recruited promising new talent Kim BoKang and with new determination, they entered into the match with Woori Bank’s WS Clan.

The incredible match ‘The 13th Game’ between The 13th Game and Seo KyungJong & Kim HyungJoon will be broadcasted on 29-Mar at 6pm.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

[Photo][2010.03.26~28] SS501 @ Seoul Fashion Week - OBSESSION

Simply OBSESSION!! I love the first photo of Leader here! He looked much more radiant than he was being seated beside the runway stage! :x

Credit: OBSESSION + MVIO + SongZio Homme + BON + General Idea
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[Photo][2010.03.26] Kyu Jong @ Seoul Fashion Week - General Idea (KyuStory)

It is clear that Kyu is not interested in fashion shows! He looked like he had gone on a space trip in these pictures, haha. Were you there for the sake for hyungs? Okay, Saengie has sensed your boredom and decided to spare you from going with him again on Sunday. That was why he got hold of the fashionista CEO Park along instead! ^^

Credit: HeStory + General Idea
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[Photo][2010.03.26] Hyun Joong & MVIO Creative Director @ Seoul Fashion Week

Credit: crazy501 + MVIO
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