Thursday, May 27, 2010

[2010.05.27] Black-out ..! 28 May - 4 June @ Seoul ^^

Hmm... once again, another month is coming to an end.. I'm gonna disappear again soon! Will be in Seoul for a week.. almost done with packing my luggage.. did I forget anything..?? Erm hope not.

Anyway our boys will be making their new comeback on 28th..! Yea, there will be total 3 fansign events at different parts of Seoul and winners will be picked via the lottery method. We will purchase the original albums there but might not be taking part in the lottery though. Good luck to those fans out there! Hee.. Hope to see or bump into our boys somewhere somehow there, IF lady luck is with us yah.. ^^

Okay, I gotta go now.. we will check in early first and loiter around the airport ... I'm NOT bringing my laptop there so there will be no posting from me during the above time period yah.. ETD Sin 28 May 2:45am..!! Byeeeeee..

Seoul, here I come!!! Wait for me...

[News][2010.05.27] JungMIn, Designer Showcase with Song HyeMyung’s New Clothing Brand

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Park Jung Min of group SS501 joins hand with famous designer Song Hye Myung

The mall of Park Jung Min ‘Royal Avenue’ ( decided to develop and launch its new brand ‘Royal Straight Flush W + M’ by Song Hye Myung matching it with her direct distinctive sensibility.

On the 27th, according to the industry, this is the first time artist and authentic designer clothing business cooperation, leaning away from the limits of the shopping mall to only name of entertainer of existing but is a combination of popularity and professionalism are expected to achieve synergies.

Song Hye Myung’s extraordinary fashion sense to introduce a specially intense leather design lines showing close to mania and Park Jung Min’s delicate sensitivity which come out what kind of result have gotten attention.

Song Hye Myung said “Royal Straight Flush W + M’ will be available through online and offline stores on the early 7th” and “Brand-wide plan to hold intact a unique identity”

[Photo][2010.05.27] Young Saeng @ 'Love Ya' Music Video Making

Saengie looked so much like a girl in these shots...!!! Just pass him a long hair wig to complement that face..!

Credit: Baidu
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[Info][2010.05.27] DSP Notice: SS501 Album 'Destination' Special & Normal Editions To Be Released

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Hello. This is DSP media

SS501 Album Destination Special Edition and Normal version 2 version will be released

Yes 24 Pre-order now through online

3 million Special Edition album will be released in limited quantities.

If the customer booking through online, shipping is scheduled to be started from Fri 05/28

Offline stores as early as from Fri. 05/28 to Sat 05/29 at the former off-line store

Sales are expected to be started

In addition, the Normal Edition album next week, Tues 06/01 is scheduled to be released in stores

Please give this album SS501 DESTINAITON a lot of attention and love

Thank you

[ DSP Media ]

Original Message:

안녕하세요. DSP미디어 입니다.

이번 SS501 앨범 Destination 은 Special Edition 과 Nomal 2가지 버전으로 발매 됩니다.

현재 예스24을 통해 선 예약 주문을 받고 있는
스페셜에디션 앨범은 3만장 한정수량으로 발매 됩니다.

온라인 선 예약 주문자의 경우 5/28(금)부터 배송이 시작 될 예정이며,
오프라인 매장은 빠르면 5/28(금)부터 5/29(토)에는 전 오프라인 매장에서
판매가 개시 될 예정입니다.

또한, 일반판 앨범은 다음주 6/1(화) 전매장에서 발매될 예정입니다.

이번 SS501앨범 DESTINAITON에 많은 관심과 사랑 부탁드립니다.


[ DSP Media ]

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

[Photo][2010.05.22] Kyu Jong @ 2010 Dream Concert

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[Info][2010.05.25] Royal Avenue Lapin*Carrot - 'Awesome the Maximum' Party with Cloud9

Ohh found the news on the upcoming Royal Avenue Party...! Erm, let me think about it first.. :x

Credit: (Official Blog) + Royal Avenue + (Eng Trans)
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Hi This is Kim Gamsa

Enjoy the fun with Royal Avenue and awesome the Maximum party
Saturday May 29 Meet me at the Apgujeong mansion ~
Various events is ready ~
Every Royal Avenue family and Kim Gamsa will join the party ~ ~ Funny, exciting~
May 29 is the time people ~ ~ Call!!
* Guests who wish to attend -
Put your name and contact number please get it to write down every day ~
At the entrance ~ Royal Avenue so cool ~ Shout ~ Come up!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

[Photo][2010.05.24] SS501 Comeback Album 'Destination' Concept Photos

Hehe..! I guessed correctly for JungMin's new photo as mentioned HERE...!! ^^

Is it just me..? Why the second set of photos look so much like office boys..!? And what the heck did they do to Saengie's hair...!!? Moreover the clothes made Saengie and Kyu look so unproportional (the heads and the bodies don't go together...!!!)

For 1st set of photo, JungMin looked the best, followed by Hyun Joong.. (cannot see the faces of Kyu and Maknae clearly in these pictures..) For 2nd set, it's still Minnie and Joongie...!! I am not being biased here but don't you think so ...? Hahaha..

Credit: Melon + SS601
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[News][2010.05.25] SS501 New Song 'Love Ya' Topped Music Chart for Pre-Order Sales

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SS501 'LOVE YA' Released and reaches No.1 for 1st day of advanced preorder sales

SS501 released their digital tracks and teaser videos simultaneously on the 24th afternoon, and surpassed Wonder Girls and CNBlue to reach the Number 1 position on the Real-time charts of Soribada.

Netizens have commented after viewing the trailer, "Their music that's so unlike the rest of the idol groups differentiates them and sounds really great", "Talent and looks are all on them, a totally perfect group", "Truly worth the wait, shall be waiting for their comeback stage", thus showing their enthusiastic responses to title track 'LOVE YA'.

Their new album consisting of 6 new tracks are made up with full piano background accompaniment, minimizing the prevalence of flooded electronic instruments in the current music market industries, SS501 who is the only one able to carry off the Angel and Devil look has had formed a huge contrast against the emotional melodies of their new tracks.

SS501 will be holding their fansign event on May 28 at Shindorim TechnoMart, 11th Floor Grand Ballroom, and will be having their 1st comeback stage on June 4 through KBS 2TV's Music Bank and the 2nd on June 5 through MBC's Music Core.

[News][2010.05.24] SS501, Comeback with New Song ‘Love Ya’.. 1st Performance on 4-Jun

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Idol group SS501 will be having their comeback performance with new song ‘Love Ya’.

Prior to the official activities, SS501 released the music video teaser of ‘Love Ya’ on 24-May at 5.01pm through the main music websites, at the same time releasing the mp3s. This teaser video is for the title song ‘Love Ya’ from their new album ‘DESTINATION’, which has a gothic feel with the on-site orchestra and strings performance. The magnificent setting and SS501 members’ appearance is eye-catching.

Besides that, their powerful yet restrained dance is being emphasized through their black tone chic fashion, arousing curiosity to the actual performance.

Management company said “The changes in each members’ style will create even more interest in fans. With a higher level of powerful charisma and more matured masculine beauty, their gorgeous appearance will be presented to their fans who have waited for their comeback.”

This album has also gathered attention as Steven Lee, an American music producer who won numerous Golden Disk awards, has taken part in this album, working with SS501 once again. Under the direction of Steven Lee, USA-Europe-Korea’s top musicians participated in SS501’s album and all songs in the album are accompanied with piano play in background. Company’s representative emphasized “Making minimum use of electronic sounds which are overused recently in the music industry, with the melody of instruments and emotional melody which only SS501 is capable of producing, they can be differentiate from other groups.”

SS501’s new album ‘DESTINATION’ will be released in end of May and they will have their comeback performances on 4-Jun through KBS 2TV ‘Music Bank’ and 5-Jun through MBC ‘Music Core’.

[2010.05.25] I'm released..! Preparing for Seoul-Fun..!!

End of examinations..! Haha, basically I did very badly for my papers.. my mind was completely blank but anyway, what's done is done.. not gonna harp on it anymore.. shall wait for my verdict next month. Had been under lotsa stress because of school and didn't really follow the boys' movements these days.. When I logged on today, I didn't really know where to start off.. so much news about the albums' pre-order and comeback events.. photos, fancams, etc.. Yah, I had posted some of the dream concert photos (why no Kyu's..!? *waiting patiently*) but will not be posting the fancams and new songs' teasers... Just wait for the official releases yah.. ^^

Erm, I'm still kinda lost somewhere after not lurking around online for just 4 days..? Gosh.. And I haven't packed my lugguage yet..! Awwww.... MUST do it tomorrow hahaha... and our original travel plan seems to be abit messed up now due to the fansign lottery event and royal avenue party (ya heard it from someone but I still haven't figure out the details.. can anyone fill me in on this?).. My brain must have been severely damaged by the books, cos it hasn't been able to comprehend and process information well.. kinda retarded... did you notice i'm talking abit incoherently and disorganised? hahaha.. must recover before my trip..!! hehe.. Gonna lurk around again now..

[Video][2010.05.25] Hyun Joong - Samsung Card CF 30sec Teaser

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Samsung Card TV CF 30's-Kim Hyun Joong

[Info][2010.05.25] SS501 'Destination' Album Purchase - Fansign Event on 28th May

Aww... should I try my luck or not!?

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When: 2010 May 28 (Friday), 8PM
Where: Shindorim, Techno Mart, 11th Floor, Grand Ballroom
Winners announced: May 27, 5PM, will be released on the e-bent (Event) Noticeboard, 750 will be randomly chosen (amongst which 150 will be randomly chosen to receive autographs from all members; 150 across 5 members)(1 to 1 Only)
**It is also not on a first-come-first-serve basis, instead, it is by a Random basis. Which just means if your number comes first, you go first.**
Detailed How: After you arrive at the venue, you will be go to choose your (random) Line. The line you're supposed to queue in. After members have arrived, you will go for another (random) draw with the members being chosen randomly, too.
(eg;) JungMin-Blue ---- In blue line, Receives JM's signature. "In Blue line" was already randomly chosen before members arrive. So on and so forth. Total of 5 colours (1 color for each memb.)


Application period: 2010 May 24~May 26, 00:00 (For 3 days only)

By purchasing "DESTINATION" special album, you would be automatically applied for a place in the lottery draw.
*Please don't purchase other products besides the album, because you're entitled to this fansign event only*
*Please only purchase SS501's new album*

[Photo][2010.05.25] Jung Min @ InStyle Magazine - Royal Avenue Showroom

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[Info][2010.05.25] Online Streaming of 'Love Ya' on Soribada


The digital download period has been amended as June 7 to 11. Do take note!
Click HERE for more details on the streaming at Soribada.


Credit: Blancbelle @SGTripleS + Soribada
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For those of you who purchased the Soribada music card, you can go online and stream DESTINATION whenever you can; starting from today to help the boys chart ratings. Digital download 60% and online streaming 40%.

It is very simple, just log on to Soribada using the music card Ref # and then click on Destination. Select all tracks of Destination to make a playlist, then tick on all the tracks and click the player located above the page. DO NOT LOOP AND DO NOT MUTE. Just click play again when it comes to end of playlist to start again. Add Love Ya a few more times to the play list. Every single streaming play of the songs count towards chart ratings. Below is a screenshot:

Please do your part TS and help SS501 comeback. Please use this only for our boys. For the coming weeks it is important cause they will have their comeback promotional activities on the major music shows. We want to help secure #1 for them.

All Korean TS are streaming Destination starting today and Love Ya more often than others.
The music card is 7700 won only so very affordable : steaming doesn't deduct money from music card streaming.

[Photo][2010.05.24] SS501 'Love Ya' Music Video Screencaps

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[Photo][2010.05.22] Hyun Joong & Young Saeng @ 2010 Dream Concert - HSScandal

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