Tuesday, May 18, 2010

[News][2010.05.17] About Taiwanese Host & SS501 @ 21st Golden Melody Award

Kinda wierd to address her as 'Little S' as directly translated from Chinese. Her real name is Xu Xi Di aka Dee Hsu, a famous Taiwanese host. She has an equally fame sister, Xu Xi Yuan aka Barbie Hsu who is more into film acting and beauty endorsements.

Credit: m2.21cn.com/news/rihan/2010/05/17/7531907.shtml + tieba.baidu.com/f?kz=773185761 + (Eng Trans) ss501ode.blogspot.com
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SS501 fans shield their kings, worried about little S and her possible tricks that might happen during Golden Melody Awards.

Right after taiwan GTV announced to be holding this year's Golden Melody Awards and will be inviting SS501 as award presenter few weeks ago, SS501's worried fans have been appearing continuously on GTV homepage leaving worried messages, they're worried about the MC little S asking strange questions or be wormy-wormy around them (handy touchy).

Previously when Wonder Girls came to Taiwan to record for "Kang Xi Lai Le" (variety programme), little S actually broached the question of first night stand, which raised the annoyance of fans. SS501 fans are now also worried whether or not little S will be doing similar things like "this" to the 5 handsome lads, thus went on to GTV website to leave plea messages so as to first remind little S for abit.

GTV deputy CEO Liu Li Hui (Yoo Ryeo-hye in korean) has expressed, SS501 will be singing a mandarin song on the award ceremony, little S is smart and sharp, she will of course use a different method to tackle a different situation, "Don't give her too much pressure, let her be her usual self, GTV will also definitely not give her pressure by limiting anything".

Netizens also suggested inviting JJLin, Wang Jie to perform on that night. Yoo Ryeo-hye responded, the Golden Melody Awards will be focusing more on awards presentation due to the limitations for performances, but hopes everyone won't be too worried, because the other singers could still go on to other variety programmes to perform.

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