Monday, May 10, 2010

[Message][2010.05.09] Hyun Joong's Conversation on TOK Board

No screencap and no specific identification of Hyun Joong's messages below since we wouldn't want any media to make a big fuss.. And yes, he had specifically requested fans NOT to screencap the TOK chat so reporters won't get to make mole out of it, so don't bother about retrieving it yah! Even if you had seen it somewhere, DO NOT REPOST okay? Use your own judgements here... ^^

In case you're having the same thoughts as me - "What if the media go into the TOK board and cap themselves?" Duhz.. That means they must be lacking of news and have plenty of time on hand to join us in fangirling yah... hahah...! "WELCOME TO TS FAMILY" :x

I am wondering what's the present he want to give us shortly and 5 years' time.. Army? Married? Family planning? Own artiste' company? Aishhh this is driving me crazy!! On 2nd thought, the small gift might be the new album but please dont tell me we need to wait for 5years for another release...? Omo Joongie, will you please stop playing mind games with us? ><"

Credit: DSP Media + SS501 Baidu + (Eng Trans) xiaochu
Please repost with full credit.

Hi. I’m here for starcraft kekekekekekekekekekekekekekeke
The song by singer called Secret is really great kekekeke
I’m good kekekeke let’s have fun
It’s always bouncing
I know how to scold, I’m good at it kekeke
Ss B kekekekekekekekekekekekekekeke
Fools, that’s abbreviation of SsaBalKeop kekeke
Yukgyejang SsaBal noodles.. ^^;
Ya, don’t capture so that there will not be news reports of it.. T T
I feel uncomfortable because there was a lot of news reports that I didn’t know about kekekeke
Don’t you guys sleep?
Well, I just woke up too kekekekekekekekeke
You have exam tomorrow??????????????
Those friends who are same age as me… are you already being employed already??? Kekeke
I’m from the countryside keke
I became a person from Incheon kekekekekekekekekekeke
Where in Incheon, come and find me, that’s all that I can say keke
Where in Jeju do you live in?
I always go to Jeju island.. kekeke
Nahh, I’ll only go to Jeju island
How would you know where I would be going? Kekekeke
Kekekeke Fools kekekeke
I want to bring you all for a holiday too kekeke
Ya Kekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekeke
Shall we go and play?
Well, that’s just a lie. Why should I play with you all?
Ya, go and play, really?????????????
With membership fee 100 million
Mgmg96, I will really remember and not bring you along
Yes let’s go let’s go
I said it already. Come to Olympic Park Stadium on 25-June
Can’t be helped kekekeke If it’s not school holidays for you guys, you won’t be able to go keke
What’s ‘Kk J’ the abbreviation of?
That’s abbreviation of ‘Kkyo Jwo’ (dream on), Fools keke
Cancel Olympic Park
Do you really want to go and play with me?
Shall we?
Then, should I treat you to it once? Kekeke
Is 10 buses enough?
I don’t know, If we go and play, I will really rent 10 buses, but if you all don’t come….. I will become a loner myself..kekeke
Really innocent keke Why being fooled by me like this? Kekeke
Came back from church keke
Just wait and see
Ya really, there’s a Portugal Brazil match on 25th
Don’t you guys have to go to school?
I will give a small gift shortly and a huge gift 5 years later kekeke I really mean it
I will start with giving the small gift shortly, the huge gift will be 5 years later ke

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