Tuesday, May 25, 2010

[Info][2010.05.25] Online Streaming of 'Love Ya' on Soribada


The digital download period has been amended as June 7 to 11. Do take note!
Click HERE for more details on the streaming at Soribada.


Credit: Blancbelle @SGTripleS + Soribada
Please repost with full credit.

For those of you who purchased the Soribada music card, you can go online and stream DESTINATION whenever you can; starting from today to help the boys chart ratings. Digital download 60% and online streaming 40%.

It is very simple, just log on to Soribada using the music card Ref # and then click on Destination. Select all tracks of Destination to make a playlist, then tick on all the tracks and click the player located above the page. DO NOT LOOP AND DO NOT MUTE. Just click play again when it comes to end of playlist to start again. Add Love Ya a few more times to the play list. Every single streaming play of the songs count towards chart ratings. Below is a screenshot:

Please do your part TS and help SS501 comeback. Please use this only for our boys. For the coming weeks it is important cause they will have their comeback promotional activities on the major music shows. We want to help secure #1 for them.

All Korean TS are streaming Destination starting today and Love Ya more often than others.
The music card is 7700 won only so very affordable : steaming doesn't deduct money from music card streaming.

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