Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Vote for SS501


Credit: Innolife.net + (English Method) ss501-greenpeas.blogspot.com
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Voting Period: 7th Dec 2009 - 27th Dec 2009

Step 2: On the sidebar, you will see the different category nomination. I've translated them for easy understanding.

Leader Kim Hyun Joong has been nominated under "Male Talent (Drama)" and "Next Generation Star (Male)", as well as the drama "Boys Over Flowers" is also nominated under "Best Film (Drama)". Our boys, SS501 are nominated under "Best Singer".

Step 3: Select the category on the sidebar which you would like to vote.

Step 4: Scroll down the page and click the left button beside the nominee's name (e.g. Best Film (Drama) -> Boys Over Flowers). Press the bottom button to cast the vote.

Step 5: Please enter your email address in the above field and press the right button to proceed. You will receive an email notification in your mailbox, please follow the link provided in order to complete the voting process. Any non-confirmation of email will NOT be counted towards the results.

Step 6: Upon verification via the email link, you will see above confirmation page.

Step 7: Please repeat the same process for the remaining categories.

Note: You can only vote ONCE PER UNIQUE EMAIL ADDRESS for the same category (i.e. you can repeat the same vote with another email address).



Credit: kbs.co.kr + (English Method) ss501fighting.wordpress
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KBS TV Netizen Drama Awards are now opened.

Our lovely boys Kim Hyun Joong as BOYS OVER FLOWERS “Ji Hoo Sunbae” is also nominated in the popular male category.

Please help to vote for him.
However, in order to vote, you need to register for a KBS account first.

Registration Method:

Step 1: Go to this link for registration:

Step 2: click the green circled “click here for foreigner” link

Step 3: Click the green circled “membership registration” link

Step 4: choose the foreign living aboard or others if applicable.

Step 5: The following steps are all in English. Fill out the form and submit at the end.

Step 6: After submitting the application, you need to send a copy of your passport or other id for verification purpose by email or fax.

Step 7: A email confirmation should be arrived

Voting Link:

Voting is easy after registration.
Just go to this link and choose Kim Hyun Joong and one female actress.
Press the button at the bottom of the page to vote.

A pop up window will ask you to log in and vote.

Press OK and go to login page to login and vote

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