Monday, September 14, 2009

SS501 Wallpapers and Icons

Below are strictly for personal collection purposes only.
All credits are given to the original owners as named. Please give proper credits if repost.
Do NOT re-edit or hotlink graphics.


Credit: nooopi @livejournal

Credit: kzsofy @livejournal

Credit: ohpetitmonstre @livejournal

Credit: donghayyy @LiveJournal


Credit: nooopi @livejournal

Credit: lovewls @livejournal

Credit: aiskoori @SGTripleS

Credit: xevex
Do NOT repost without permission. Do NOT re-edit or hotlink graphics.

Credit: xevex
Do NOT repost without permission. Do NOT re-edit or hotlink graphics.


~*Ais*~ said...

OOooo my wallies r here >< awww feels so "honoured" *bows* thanks for thinking its good enough to put on your awesome blog!~ ^^

Luna les reveur said...

haru ^^

i am Luna from Triple S Philippines (

i hope i can borrow some of ur wallpapers posted here.. thanks for sharing

i also have a few collection.. you may also use them if you want:

Kumawo ^^

xevex said...

Okay, with proper credits and no hotlink/edit. Thanks. :)

Luna les reveur said...

thanks for the prompt reply.. and of course, with proper credits ^^ thank you so

roe_diah said...

i'm roechan from Indonesia.... may i save ur wallpaper 4 my SS collections? please say yes....
cos i found a lot of beautiful wallpaper from u that i never have b4..... ^__^ gomawo... :):) :)

xevex said...

@roechan: yes for your personal collection. :)

roe_diah said...

hi again xevex, thenks 4 the quick reply :)
and thanks..thanks..thank u so much for saying YES... ^^
i will save them for my personal collections, and put some of them in my Fb with credits that i got it from u, xevex @ ss501 green peas....
i hope u don't mind.........

dabelgiannesj said...

hi.. can i repost the calendar of SS501?

xevex said...

Sure, with full credit given & no hotlink please. BTW, where will it be reposted to..? Just curious.. ^^

Rosario said...

I am so impressed that you have such beautiful wallpapers of SS501!

May I use some to enjoy myself for my own collections?

I promise to put the credit and no hotlink.:-)

xevex said...

@Rosario: Sure.