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[Photo][2010.02.27] Leader Basic House Wallpapers (1024X768)

Credit: Basic House
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[News][2010.02.27] SS501 conveyed their plans for their new album released

Similar news on the album release!

Credit: happy + (Chinese translation) hyunglang @Baidu Tieba SS501 + (English translation)
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On 27th, before their Encore concert in Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastic Stadium, in the press conference, SS501 revealed their plans for their new album and received much concern.

As for when SS501 new album will be able to reveal to all, they expressed: "The 2nd album is currently under preparation, we have decided together with our company to release it on 1 May since it represent 501. Whether it is a full 2nd album or mini album, it is not confirmed yet. However, because with the thoughts of '501 days', so the new album will be revealed on 1 May.

In addition, SS501 revealed 'Holding our concert in Asia region, we have received a lot of response/feedback from the audience, it helped in planning the stage, song, and dance well. Unknowingly, while holding the concert, one year has past, we have grown up for another one year old, coming to the mid of 20s, becoming more matured."

Lastly, SS501 expressed that they are working towards the target to hold their Asia Tour Concert every year.

[News][2010.02.27] SS501's Asia Tour Coming To An End: We are already enjoying the concert!

Credit: SS601 + (Chinese Translation) vivid + (English Translation) Jennis @SgTripleS
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Korean Boyband SS501 started their Asia Concert Tour "PERSONA" has successfully ended.

SS501 held their Encore concert in Seoul gymnasium Olympic Park on the 27th and 28th, which leads to the perfect ending of PERSONA concert.
Starting from Korea, then to Taiwan, China, HongKong, Bangkok and other countries, hundreds and thousands of fans were being attached.

SS501 held a press conference on the 27th regarding the concert, and have gave their thoughts on the performance. Member of SS501, YoungSaeng said "At first will feel tense and nervous, but now we are already familiar with the concert flow, so we can enjoy the concert. This encore concert is not the end, we hope to have more Asia Tour concerts in the future, so as to let more of our fans enjoy together."

One to one question and Answer:

- Please give your thoughts about the achievements in Asia Tour Concert
After going thru so many concerts with numerous different fans, breathing together with them, co operating, I can practically feel the stage and the audience. I became more mature in terms of songs, dances and the control of the stage. Thru these 6 months, I think in every aspect, I have gained and improve on it. Now we have reached the mid 20s, SS501 can also have the capability to expand our stage which matches our age.

- What have you gain thru this Asia Tour Concert?
I have made improvements on the inadequate side. Especially during the SOLO part, every member unfold their own talents and new looks. This has become a chance to show everyone every SS501 member's talents, we grown and learnt alot too.

- Any regrets?
starting from last year's Autumn, we've been thru winter till now, summer, we felt regretful that time passed so fast that the concert just ended like that. But I don't think this is the end. If let's say this is our first Asia Tour, then there will be the 2nd Asia Tour and 3rd Asia Tour.

- Any plans when will be the next concert to meet up with fans again?
Anywhere there's fans, even if its now, no matter where, we will run towards them. But we need to plan for our new album first. After new album have completed, we will meet fans again during the concert with our good music.

- Any plans when will the new album be released?
We plan to release on the "501 day" Although we plan to release on 1st May, but still we are still unsure whether will it be our new album or the mini album.

- Heard that nowadays the netizens are very into the ranking of members.
(Baby) I saw that Park JungMin was the 1st in rank in SS501.
(JungMin) Although there are many netizens feel that way, but in fact its not. I'm the one whose playing the role of HyunJong's consultant. Rather saying a member of SS501 is the unique leader,
why not say we are perfectly each other, working together as one. But I have to agree that my skin is number one, even the makeup artist also say so.

[Message][2010.02.27] Jung Min: Ah~goo goo goo~

Credit: DSP Media + (Chinese Translation) LOVE小马马 + (English Translation)
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English Translation

[Jung Min] Ah~goo goo goo~ (2010-02-27 PM 11:48:07)

Our TripleS who came today~!
Really very thank you to everybody ^^
Tomorrow is the last Encore~! All also come~~!!
So just say Good night for today (Japanese Oyasumi spell out in Korean)~!
Sswesswe !! (谢谢 Thank you in chinese, I think it sounds like it)
SSi yu Tumeolou~! (See you tomorrow, he spell it out in Korean)
u a ang very sleepy very sleepy~!!^o^*

Original Message

[정민] 아고고고~ (2010-02-27 오후 11:48:07)

오늘 와 준 울 트리플 S~!
넘 고마워요^^
낼 마지막 앙콘~!을 향하여~~!!
전 그럼 이만 오야스미할께요~!
씨유 투머로우~!
우아앙 졸려졸려~!!^0^*

[News][2010.02.27] SS501 @ Persona Encore Conference

Ooh, the first encore concert has ended and lotsa photos are coming out! But I have no time to repost over here!! Aww, never mind lah. As expected, there are surprises at the concerts with different songs and dance arrangements!!


*EDIT* P/S: I heard they were looking around for companies to sign them up??!! Rightfully, it has always been the management companies to approach artistes with contracts. Why has it become the other direction now?! Omo! Hope our boys will find a good company that will really groom them to international level..

P/P/S: FALSE ALARM! The boys are NOT going to change company!! (Whichever, it doesn't really bother me that much if they are changing company or not.) So long as they are taken and continue with their career smoothly and succesfully, living happily, that's all that matters!! SS501 will be FOREVER AS ONE! TS will WALK THE JOURNEY WITH YOU!!

Credit: 601 + + (Chinese Translation) koyyoo @NO43Park + (English Translation) tear @SgTripleS
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SS501's 'new album' plans

On the 27th in Olympic park stadium's encore concert's reporter conference, SS501 mentioned about their plans to release a new album.

SS501's reply to a question on when will be their new album was :" wish to prepare a new album ST 02, the company and us are discussing to use the idea of "501" so hope to release the album on 1st May but till now we arent sure if it will be a full ST 02 or a mini album. It will be great if we are able to release an album on the 1st of May with the idea of '501DAY' ".

When they were asked about what have they learnt in this Asia Tour, they replied: " Because the concert was in various Asian countires so we can feel even more strongly the feeling of being on stafe and seeing all the fans' reactions. We have also improved more on our onstage performance, singing and dancing. Having concert, one year has passed like that and we have also become one year older, entering the 20s age group seems to become more mature."

Lastly SS501 mentioned : " In future, hope to have an Asia Tour every year to meet the fans".

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[Photo][2010.02.24] Maknae @ MBC ProGamer Ep 5

Credit: 박정민하루만 + MBC Every1
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[Info] Royal Avenue: Notice Of Employment

Credit: Royal Avenue + (English Translation)
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After Jung Min's online mall opening, other than special events and special purchase benefits, CEO Park is also starting to employ staff.

Work with Royal Avenue

Finding Family

Recruitment jobs
Web Designer
MD-Managing Director/Media Director
Fitting Model
Photo (Note from Mini UFO: Don't know what is this job)
(Only email will be accepted)

[Info] KARA as Special Guests & Gyuri Perform With Jung Min

Credit: KARA Gyuri's Twitter + (English Translation> Harue
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English Translation:

"After Music Core is over tomorrow, Kara will be on SS501's concert as a guest. I will perform with Park Jung Min on his solo (Originally a duet with Jisun) song "If You Can't" and I just arrived back to my dorm after finishing that rehearsal.. A busy day has come to an end. Have to go sleep. Good night!"

[Message][2010.02.27] Kyu Jong: Finally Start!! Hehe^^

Credit: DSP Media + (Chinese translation) buyia @TiebaBaiduSS501 + (English translation)
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English Translation

[Kyu Jong] Finally going to start!! Hehe^^ 2010-02-27 AM 3:07:53

Korea Encore Concert finally going to start. He
We have charmingly completed our rehearsal !!!!!!
Now I reach home!!
We are very satisfied with our charming performance that we prepared together ^^
During encore, I wanted to give a lot of nice gifts for my baby... hehe
Specially prepared !!
This is our last stop for Persona Concert !!
Aja~~~ hehe
I can't fall asleep now !! He
Is there any way to make me fell asleep faster... T
Once panic then can't fall asleep!!
Must let you see more charming stage!!
Aja~aja~Fighting~!!!! heehee
See you at the concert~~ Good night everybody !!!!!!!!!
Thank you..... ^^ Hee

Original Message

[규종]드디어 스타트!! ㅎㅎ^^ 2010-02-27 오전 3:07:53

드디어 한국에서의 앵콜공연 시작합니다 ㅎ
저희는 멋지게 마무리 리허설을 마치고 !!!!!!!
우리 오공돌이들 멋지게 준비 많이 했어요^^
앵콜이라서 우리 이쁜이들에게 많은 선물 해주고 싶어서 ...ㅎㅎ
준비 열심히 했어요!!
다들 우리 이번 페르소나 마지막 공연 즐겨요!!
아싸~~~ ㅎㅎ
나도 지금 잘꺼예요!!ㅎ
떨려서 잘 잘 수 있으려나...ㅜ
긴장도 되고 떨리지만!!
열심히 멋진 무대 보여줄께요!!
아자아자 화이팅!!! 히히
공연장에서 봐요~~ 다들 안녕!!!!!!!!!
고마워요.....^^ 히


Credit: DSP Media + (English Translation)
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Had you not gone ~~~~ hehehe. But still I’m gonna go now ㅜ better off after Long Night!!
hahaha Long hammer (don’t know what it means)
haha So Thank You ^^ having fully expected for the well performance ~~
I really need to sleep … ㅜㅜ hehehe ^^ Dad is coming down soon (This one I am not sure is correct) ~~ he. HelloHello!!
Let’s show these gorgeous collection of performances ~~ I’m waiting ~~

[Photo][2010.02.24] Maknae @ MBC ProGamer Episode 5

Credit: ahwin + MBC Every1
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[Video][2010.02.26] Jung Min @ 2010 OnStyle Magazine Interview 'What Women Want' Episode 2

Credit: SS501MiniUFO + 501스런하루 + OnStyle Magazine
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[2010.02.27] SS501 Park Jung Min @ '2010 OnStyle Magazine' ~ 'What Woman Want' Episode 2a

[2010.02.27] SS501 Park Jung Min @ '2010 OnStyle Magazine' ~ 'What Woman Want' Episode 2b

Friday, February 26, 2010

[Info] Persona Seoul Encore 'LIVE' Broadcast on 27 & 28 February 2010!

I have translated the key points below, basically just download the software and register yourself with YY channel. Refer to my previous post HERE for instruction. The access code for both concerts over the weekend will be 52519. Please remember to login in advance of the broadcast timing in case of any technical glitch or heavy internet traffic. FYI, Beijing is only 1 hour difference from Seoul (ie. 4PM CST = 5PM KST).

Credit: Double S 501SoulPartnerFamily + (English Translation)
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Double S 501SoulPartnerFamily
Invite You To Tune In To Encore Concerts’ Live Broadcast

YY Channel: 52519 (LF-Double S 501SoulPartnerFamily)

Broadcast: (Beijing Time)
2010.02.27 (Saturday) 17:30-20:30
2010.02.28 (Sunday) 15:30-18:30

[Video][2010.02.26] Leader @ Basic House CF Making

Credit: tsgsuho + Suho + Basic House
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100226 Hyunjoong-Basic Making full.wmv

Countdown to SS501 The 1st Asia Tour Persona Concert, Seoul Encore Concerts

One more day to Seoul Encore over the weekend! Hope everyone going to the concerts will have lotsa fun!! After the end of Asia Tour, the boys should be busy preparing for their next album release! Hmm I am guessing that they will unveil the new songs at Encore, just like the first Seoul concert.. haha so let's look forward!

P/S: I won't be doing any LIVE updates and will only post selective pictures from the concerts. Anyway, there are many other sites which you can visit to get those information. Hehe.. If you are kind enough to help me post here, I will be thankful to you!! Just drop an email to with your email address from google/ so that I can add you to the author profile. Kamsahamnida!

[Message][2010.02.26] Hyun Joong: .............................

Ahhh!! Leader left a short message with his unique ID 크로마뇽인 (romanization: keulomanyong-in).. In English, it means CroMagnon Human.

Credit: DSP Media + (English Translation) violet
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English Translation

[Hyun Joong]............................................ 2010-02-26 오전 12:30:50

let's see on saturday and sunday.....................................i have nothing to say.
khahahahahahahahahahahahahaha (just laughing)
let's play starcraft after concert.

Original Message

[크로마뇽인].............................. 2010-02-26 오전 12:30:50

콘서트끝나고 스타나하자

[Photo][2010.02.25] Maknae @ MBC ProGamer

Credit: MBC Every1
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Thursday, February 25, 2010

[Message][2010.02.25] Kyu Jong: Thank you It’s early morning .. ^ ^ he

Credit: DSP Media + (English Translation)
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English Translation

Kyujong: Thank you It’s early morning .. ^ ^ he 2010-02-25 4:45:58 AM

Seriously thank you everyone who wish me Happy 24th birthday he
I have so much congratulation to answer .. I think that I can not repay so many people which I have to do is apologize.
Today surely the last 2 end of the concert practice ㅎㅎ..^^ Father, Mother, with my sister Eunah
Eat a delicious meal and … I saw TV show.. he
Lately .. I’m hooked in Vancouver.. he
Impressed with .. I’m Loving for the tears and gratitude thank you ~ ~
Perhaps much of they are pretty cool …
Medal or not .. they are so wonderfully
I’m impressed with every second … hehe
Huh? >!!!! Wow!
So I felt! 501, and I, we should work hard
I’m gonna have a nice impressive and good impression
Endless challenges and endless passion … hehe Learned again .. ^ ^
thank you…
I always say sorry .. Yes ..
After one year older, I will think much more deeply mature and wise
Thank you so much ^ ^
Thanks …
Aja, Aja, Fighting!! Please watch out the cold! I ㅜ was very sick with a cold “huk huk” (cough sound)
hehe Look at my performance ~~ We 501 are preparing for a full night …

Original Message

고마워요 이른아침이네요..^^ㅎ 2010-02-25 오전 4:45:58

24번째 생일 축하해주신 분들께 진심으로 감사드립니다 ㅎ
난 이렇게 많은 축하를 받는데.. 많은분들께 보답해드리지 못하는거 같아 죄송할 따름입니다.
오늘두 어김없이 콘서트 연습을 마치고 ㅎㅎ..^^ 아버지 어머니 내동생은아와함께
맛있는 밥을 먹구.. 티브이를 보았습니다.ㅎ
요즘..벤쿠버에 푹 빠져있거든요..ㅎ
감동과 .. 고마움에 눈물 쏙 빼구 있어요 ~~
어쩜 그리들 멋지고 예쁘신지..
메달을 따건 아니건..다들 너무 멋지고
매순간 감동이예요…ㅎㅎ
그쵸 ? >!!!!와우!
그래서 느꼈습니다!! 우리 오공일 그리고 저도 열심히해서
멋진 감동 선사해드려야겠다구..!!
끝없는 도전과 끝없는 열정…ㅎㅎ 다시한번 배웠어요..^^
늘 미안하구.. 그러네요..
한살 먹은 만큼 더 성숙하고 더 생각깊은 현명한 저 되겠습니다.
너무나 감사드립니다 ^^
아자아자 화이팅!! 감기 완전 조심하기!! 저 ㅜ 감기로 많이 아팠어요 흑흑
ㅎㅎ 공연날봐요~~ 완전 대박으루 우리 오공돌이들 준비하고있거든요

[News][2010.02.24] SS501 & SNSD idol group concert competition

Credit: + (English translation)
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This weekend (27 & 28th), idol groups concert competition will unfold in Seoul Olympic Park.

By then, popular girl group SNSD and idol group representative SS501 will held their Concerts during these 2 days at Seoul Olympic Park Fencing Stadium and Gymnastics respectively. Scheduled on same timing and nearby location, the competition of the Korea Boys and Girls group representatives, attracted the eye balls of many.

SNSD released their 2nd album 'Oh!' in January this year, engulfing the entire music circle, and is leading in the music circle. Since last year, SS501 started their Asia Tour Concert activities in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and many other Asia countries, strengthening their hallyu star position and image, after these concert, they are even more active. Therefore it is expected to be an intense competition.

Both SNSD and SS501's concert this time mark the beginning and ending of hallyu wave, each bringing a significant meaning.

This concert will be a starting point for SNSD to officially advance to the Asia market, holding their Asia Tour Concert in various Asia countries.

On 23 February, SNSD Management company SM Entertainment revealed: "In order to thank the passion of their fans from last year's first solo concert, we have prepare this concert with extra elements. Expects to see the members showing their personal charm on stage."

As for SS501, this concert will be an end for their Persona Asia Tour which began since last yr end. Thanks to the popularity of Hallyu star Kim Hyun Joong who acted in KBS2TV 'Boys over Flower', SS501 increase their status and image in Asia region. This concert will present a final ending of the Asia Tour Concert to their Korean fans. Few hundreds of oversea fans have also travelled to Seoul to watch their concert.

SS501 management company DSP said: "While concentrating on Asia activity, more or less we would neglect the local fans. They have prepared some surprised activities to thank their fans' unwavering love.

[Video][2010.02.25] Jung Min @ Life Theatre 2010 Episode 6

Credit: SS501MiniUFO + 미니민~~ + MBC Every1
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[2010.02.25] SS501 Park Jung Min ~ L1fe The@tre Ep6 P1

[2010.02.25] SS501 Park Jung Min ~ L1fe The@tre Ep6 P2

[2010.02.25] SS501 Park Jung Min ~ L1fe The@tre Ep6 P3

[2010.02.25] SS501 Park Jung Min ~ L1fe The@tre Ep6 P4

[2010.02.25] SS501 Park Jung Min ~ L1fe The@tre Ep6 P5

[2010.02.25] SS501 Park Jung Min ~ L1fe The@tre Ep6 P6

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[Video][2010.02.24] Maknae @ MBC ProGamer Episode 5

Credit: poohhl + 501스런하루 + MBC Every1
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SS501 - Kim Hyung Jun MB¢game [24.02.10] EP5 - 1

SS501 - Kim Hyung Jun MB¢game [24.02.10] EP5 - 2

SS501 - Kim Hyung Jun MB¢game [24.02.10] EP5 - 3

SS501 - Kim Hyung Jun MB¢game [24.02.10] EP5 - 4

SS501 - Kim Hyung Jun MB¢game [24.02.10] EP5 - 5

SS501 - Kim Hyung Jun MB¢game [24.02.10] EP5 - 6


It's 24th February!!
Kyu is officially 23 years old (24 years old in Korean age)!!!
Saengil Chukka Hamnida!!!
I wish Kyu many many sweet days ahead!!
You'll always be our sweetest center in SS501!!!

Credit: xevex

[Photo][2010.02.24] U-Kiss KiBum with elder brother Hyung Jun @ MBC ProGamer Episode 5

Honestly and seriously, our Maknae Hyung Jun is so much more better-looking than his younger brother!

Credit: Daum + MBC Every1
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[News][2010.02.22] SS501 Kim HyungJoon, Battle with U-KISS Kim KiBum in Starcraft

Credit: neoncp + (English Translation) xiaochu
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U-KISS Kim KiBum challenged to Kim HyungJoon of real variety program ‘SS501 HyungJoon, Become a Pro-gamer’

In this episode, U-KISS visited MBC Game HERO Practice Room which is the location setting for MBC Game variety program ‘SS501 HyungJoon, Become a Pro-gamer’. One of the reasons why they came by amidst their busy schedule is because U-KISS’s KiBum is Kim HyungJoon’s brother.

In the interview during the first shooting, Kim HyungJoon said “I have never won my brother Kibum before. While preparing to be a pro-gamer, I really want to have a competition with him if my skill improves, and my brother accepts the challenge readily.” showing his determination about this competition. In order to let his brother know about the attractiveness of e-sports, Kim HyungJoon liaised by personally explaining and prepared a virtual professional league.

In addition, in this 5th episode, you will be able to admire Kim HyungJoon’s hidden body figure. In midst of his busy schedule, Asia Tour Encore Concert on 27th & 28th at Olympic Park Gymnastic Hall and pro-gamer pre-match, scenes of Kim HyungJoon at the health club (gym) will be shown. On that day, he had morning exercise with player Seo KyungJong who recommended good exercise to the pro-gamers who spent long hours at the computer, HyungJoon wore tracksuit and attracted attention when he revealed the muscles that were hidden.

Episode 5 of ‘SS501 HyungJoon, Become a Pro-gamer’ with U-KISS attack to MBC Game HERO practice room and HyungJoon showing off his hidden muscles will be shown on 24-Feb at 4pm through MBC Game.

[Video][2010.02.18] Jung Min @ OnStyle Magazine Interview Episode 1 *ENG SUB*

Credit: (Chinese translation) No43 + (Eng Translation) mangosorbet + OnStyle Magazine
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SS501 Park Jung Min OnStyle Magazine 'What W0men Want' Ep1 Part 1

SS501 Park Jung Min OnStyle Magazine 'What W0men Want' Ep1 Part 2

[Photo][2010.02.17] Maknae @ SBS Power FM Radio Station

Credit: Pretty Boy + SBS Power FM
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[Video] Park Jung Min @ Olive TV “My Son and Amin’s Independent Living White Book” interview *ENG SUB*

Credit: WWloveHJL + egloos + (English Translation) May
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SS501 Park Jung Min @ Olive TV "My son and Amin's Independent Living White Book" interview

Jung Min:
In my case I want to live independently, when I want to stay out late with friends or girlfriend.Since I am in my mid-twenties, I want to fully experience a free lifestyle. So that is why I want to become independent. What do you think? I have decided! ( reference to his show probably) I shall become independent (live away from parents and family)!

With all others:
Ah~ I want to become independent.

[Video][2010.02.18] Jung Min @ Life Theatre 2010 *Eng Sub*

All 6 parts of Ep5 has been fully subbed. Thanks to CrazyNoona.

Credit: (English Sub) mangosorbet + (Chinese Translation) No.43Park + MBC Every1
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[Eng Sub] SS501 Park Jung Min -um@n Th3@tre Ep5 Part 1

[Eng Sub] SS501 Park Jung Min -um@n Th3@tre Ep5 Part 2

[Eng Sub] SS501 Park Jung Min -um@n Th3@tre Ep5 Part 3

[Eng Sub] SS501 Park Jung Min -um@n Th3@tre Ep5 Part 4

[Eng Sub] SS501 Park Jung Min -um@n Th3@tre Ep5 Part 5

[Eng Sub] SS501 Park Jung Min |-|um@n Th3@tre Ep5 Part 6 + Ep6 Preview

[News][2010.02.23] Fans Love Sharing Activity, Fund raising event for 'Kim Hyun Joong Scholarship'

Credit: + (Chinese Translation) xinhm + (English Translation) + XiaoChu
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A scholarship fund in the name of singer Kim Hyun Joong will be established.

On 12th, Kim Hyun Joong's fan started a 'Kim Hyun Joong Love Sharing Activity' to raise scholarship funds.

Up to now, they have collected more than 240,000,000 won (US$205,690). Fan will take 140,000,000 won (US$119,886) from the total collected as 'Kim Hyun Joong Scholarship'. Kim Hyun Joong fangroup related personal reveal in the program website: "In order to show our love and support to Kim Hyun Joong, we have prepared this 'Special Present'."

Fans have decided to let Beautiful Foundation Corporation to set up and manage Kim HyunJoong's scholarship as 'University Entrance Fee Scholarship'. 'Kim Hyun Joong Scholarship' is the first scholarship setup by celebrity fan club.

The remaining 100,000,000 won (US$85,694) will be donated through ‘Sharing Event’ by clothing brand Basic House where Kim HyunJoong is currently modeling for. The amount given by Basic House will come from the sale of total of 337 products including hoodie and baseball jumper worn by Kim HyunJoong, to help local community underprivileged children and teenagers.

Kim Hyun Joong currently is busy preparing together with his group SS501 for thier Encore Concert.


Daum Most Search Term No. 5 - Kim Hyun Joong Scholarship

One more top search ranking (Credit: MiClub)
NATE Top Search for 'Kim Hyun Joong Scholarship'

[News][2010.02.23] 2009 Cy Music Award Ceremony (1-Mar)

Credit: Cyworld + Bestiz + SS601 + (English Translation) xiaochu
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Digital Music Award 2009 with ting

We invite everyone to the fairest music award ceremony that acknowledges artistes with Asia’s best digital music service as a standard.

Olympic Hall at Olympic Park (live broadcast)
2010. 03. 01 / Monday / 17:00

Videos of backstage waiting room will be released through cyworld twitter ( . (Sponsor : Twit On Air)

* Among the winners of Cyworld Digital Music Award 2009, SeoNyeoShiDae, Brown Eyed Girls, MC Mong, SS501, Big Bang (besides G-Dragon), 2PM (some members) as well as overseas singers, are engaged with overseas activities and other events, thus will not be able to attend this award ceremony.

DaeSang (3 prizes) – Among TOP 10 winners, to be announced at the event

Artiste of the Year / Song of the Year / Choice of the Year (1318 Generation Best Artiste Award)


Rookie Award – 2NE1 . Seo InGook . Alli
OST Award – SS501
TamEum Mania Award – JangKiHaWa EulGoolDeul,
Best Composer – Jo YoungSoo composed ‘There is no one like that again’ by Lee SeungChul
Cy Best Sale Award – Park HyoShin ‘NoonEh Kkot’
2009 Collaboration – JungIn, (LeeSang duet)

**2009 Cy Music Award Winner**

January – SeoNyeoShiDae (Gee)
February – SS501 (Because I am Stupid)
March – Davinchi (8282)
April – Big Bang & 2NE1 (Lollipop)
May – 2NE1 (Fire)
June – OUTSIDER (Loner)
July – 2NE1 (I don’t care)
August – Brown Eyed Girls (Abracadabra)
September – G-DRAGON (Heartbreaker)
October – LeeSang (Woman who can’t break up, Man who can’t leave
November – Park Bom (You & I)
December – JoKwon & GaIn (We fell in love)

[News][2010.02.22] Samsung Card "Share Prices Bounded Up With Artistes’ Humor?"

Credit: rhj + (English Translation) xiaochu
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Samsung Card recently released ‘Teaser CF’ and gained all kinds of attention, and with its success the successful rebound in their share prices.

On 22-Feb, Samsung card (019120) comparison to previous day increased 1% ~ 3.13%, currently at 2.58pm, showing a slight rising trend, the day trading comparison increased to 1.17% at 51,700won.

Meanwhile the Samsung Card CF is about Samsung Card supporting people on things they want to try on with its ‘Why Not’ campaign. ‘Boys Over Flowers’ Kim HyunJoong, Hwang JungEum who has impassioned performance in ‘High Kick Through The Roof’ and other famous entertainers honest talking are the talk of the town.

[Photo][2010.02.20] Maknae @ MBC ProGamer Survivor Tournament

Credit: Pretty Boy + MBC Every1
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[News][2010.02.23] KARA and Rainbow will perform as guest in SS501 Asia Tour Encore Concert

Credit: StarNews + (Chinese translation) Rainbow TieBa + (English translation)
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On 27 & 28 February, SS501 will hold their Asia Tour Encore Concert in Seoul Olympic Park’s Gymnastic Stadium. KARA & Rainbow will also participate in the concert to show their friendship.

KARA & Rainbow both feel honoured to be the guest performer of SS501 Encore Concert. KARA will be performing in the MBC Music Core comeback stage for their mini album 'Lupin' on the 27th. After that, KARA will be heading for SS501 concert location. Rainbow will be performing in the 28th concert.

After this, SS501 Persona Asia Tour Concert will come to an end. Currently, SS501 is racing against time to practice for their Encore concert.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

[Photo] Hyun Joong @ Samsung Card 'Why Not?' CF

Credit: 수호 + Samsung
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