Tuesday, May 25, 2010

[News][2010.05.25] SS501 New Song 'Love Ya' Topped Music Chart for Pre-Order Sales

Credit: Nate + (Eng Trans) ss501ode.blogspot.com
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SS501 'LOVE YA' Released and reaches No.1 for 1st day of advanced preorder sales

SS501 released their digital tracks and teaser videos simultaneously on the 24th afternoon, and surpassed Wonder Girls and CNBlue to reach the Number 1 position on the Real-time charts of Soribada.

Netizens have commented after viewing the trailer, "Their music that's so unlike the rest of the idol groups differentiates them and sounds really great", "Talent and looks are all on them, a totally perfect group", "Truly worth the wait, shall be waiting for their comeback stage", thus showing their enthusiastic responses to title track 'LOVE YA'.

Their new album consisting of 6 new tracks are made up with full piano background accompaniment, minimizing the prevalence of flooded electronic instruments in the current music market industries, SS501 who is the only one able to carry off the Angel and Devil look has had formed a huge contrast against the emotional melodies of their new tracks.

SS501 will be holding their fansign event on May 28 at Shindorim TechnoMart, 11th Floor Grand Ballroom, and will be having their 1st comeback stage on June 4 through KBS 2TV's Music Bank and the 2nd on June 5 through MBC's Music Core.

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