Thursday, May 20, 2010

[Info][2010.05.20] Pre-Order For Latest Comeback Album 'Destination'

Credit: News Nate + News Donga + (Eng Trans)
Please repost with full credit.

Here is my summary of the released news in this morning.

- Online music shops will be receiving pre-order for Destination from 24th of June.
- There are two editions of this comeback album.

[Special Edition] includes two kinds of picture book
- Before concept : Natural,
- After concept : Mature (will be wearing Europian style suit)

[Normal Edition] S&M concept
- White concept : natural & pure
- Black concept : strong & sexy

- They are planning to hold Fan signing on 28th of May for fans who is picked by lottery to purchase the album through Yes24.
- Their new album will be came out the end of May.

- DSP President is now under medical treatment.
- Our boy will wait for his recovery and then will have a discusion with him directly.
- The person who talked with SS501 recently said "Nothing is cleared. SS501 members are feeling heavy pressure for rumors about them."
- SS501 will concentrate on their new album and will be back on 4th of Jun.

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