Sunday, May 23, 2010

[Message][2010.05.23] Hyung Jun: Really..

Aww, it's REALLY OKAY..! No need to feel sorry towards the fans! We will be contented with anything so long you guys are safe and sound..!!

This shall be my last post for now.. already 4AM and I'm going to bed. Yes, I have heard the new song 'Let Me Be The One' but I won't be posting it. Same goes for the fancams.. and I won't be posting much these 2 days due to exams and afterwhich I will be leaving for Seoul soon.. But there won't be any lack of postings from other fan sites yah so no worries ^^ Goodnight..!

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[Hyung Joon] Really.. 2010-05-23 AM 12:37:44

You are the best!
I was sad cause I thought You might feel empty that we were going to sing 2 ballad dongs.
But as soon as I saw the green peas on the stage, I thought "That's it!"
Really Thank you. Sorry for that I only express my thanks to you as "THANK YOU" in words.
We will get better and return your favor to you,TripleS who came from a distance and Green peas who've been with us.
The time is coming soon. I'll remember today's throb, today's happiness, today's touching in my heart.
I love you TriplS who were with us, cheered for us & the master of Pearl Light Green.
I'll run today & tomorrow for you.
Please be together always. I'm happy today~~~ Let me love ya~ Take care! Heavy raining outside.
See you on 4th of June.


형 준 : 정말. 2010-05-23 오전 12:37:44

당신들이 최고에요
발라드 두곡이라 허전해할줄알고 너무 마음 아팠는데.
올라가서 완두콩들을 보는순간.. 이거구나 싶더라구요
정말 고마워요,고맙다는 말로밖에 표현할수 없다는게 미안해요.
멀리서 와준 우리 트리플S들 , 함께해준 우리 완두콩들에게
더 멋진 모습으로 보답할께요.
얼마 안남았어요. 오늘의 이떨림, 이 행복함, 이 감동 항상 가슴속으로 되새기며
지낼께요. 사랑해요. 함께해준 , 응원해준 우리 펄라이트그린의 주인인 완두콩,, 트리플S
당신들을 위해서 오늘도 내일도 달리렵니다.
항상 함께해줘요, 오늘 너무 좋다야~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~렛미러브야~ ^_^ 감기조심 비많이오네요
6월 4일날 봐요

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