Tuesday, May 25, 2010

[2010.05.25] I'm released..! Preparing for Seoul-Fun..!!

End of examinations..! Haha, basically I did very badly for my papers.. my mind was completely blank but anyway, what's done is done.. not gonna harp on it anymore.. shall wait for my verdict next month. Had been under lotsa stress because of school and didn't really follow the boys' movements these days.. When I logged on today, I didn't really know where to start off.. so much news about the albums' pre-order and comeback events.. photos, fancams, etc.. Yah, I had posted some of the dream concert photos (why no Kyu's..!? *waiting patiently*) but will not be posting the fancams and new songs' teasers... Just wait for the official releases yah.. ^^

Erm, I'm still kinda lost somewhere after not lurking around online for just 4 days..? Gosh.. And I haven't packed my lugguage yet..! Awwww.... MUST do it tomorrow hahaha... and our original travel plan seems to be abit messed up now due to the fansign lottery event and royal avenue party (ya heard it from someone but I still haven't figure out the details.. can anyone fill me in on this?).. My brain must have been severely damaged by the books, cos it hasn't been able to comprehend and process information well.. kinda retarded... did you notice i'm talking abit incoherently and disorganised? hahaha.. must recover before my trip..!! hehe.. Gonna lurk around again now..

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