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[News][2010.05.11] Hyun Joong - Not Considered for Drama Participation Yet

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"Kim HyunJoong's participation, no such decision yet"

SS501 leader Kim HyunJoong's consideration for participation in drama 'Athena: Goddess of the War'has previously been reported about. But to this, production company Taewon Entertainment denied.

Taewon Entertainment personnel has said in a phone interview on the May 11 afternoon with Newsen, "Kim HyunJoong's casting and related information hasn't even been considered for any finalized decision at all, right from the start, there haven't been a single meeting up with the production team
yet", thus dismissing the rough talkabouts of the drama's casting.

This personnel has also added on, "Kim HyunJoong hasn't even resolved his (contract) issues with his agency. Because of that, after he's resolved those problems with his agency, only then would we undergo discussion for it", "Though we know that one of our staff member are close acquaintances with HyunJoong and have had discussions with him, but because we haven't come to a final decision yet, we aren't mentioning any thing for now".

On the other hand, Kim HyunJoong's full contract will be soon expiring on the 6th next month with current agency company DSP Entertainment. Exactly because of this, after the contract issue has been resolved for, only then would they carry out discussions to this participation of drama Athena.

Should Kim HyunJoong participate in Athena, it would be his second time challenging the role of an actor after KBS 2TV drama 'Boys over Flowers' ended its run in 2009 March.

'Athena' is set to be released earliest second half of this year.

'Athena: Goddess of the War' will be produced by 'IRIS' production company
Taewon Entertainment, and will feature stars like Cha Seungwon, Jung Woosung, Su Ae, Lee JiAh etc.

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