Wednesday, May 19, 2010

[Message][2010.05.18] Kyu Jong @ TOK Board

Credit: DSP Media + (Chi Trans) Double S 501 Soul Partner Family-22501 + 안녕규♡ + (Eng Trans) xiaochu
Please repost with full credit. Do not re0edit or hotlink graphic.

Why call me~~ I was putting meat and stir-frying delicious stir-fried kimchi with my father!!!!
Everyone should sleep early!! Hehehehe
Flood flood, my computer always hangs!! Please line up!!!
I will go off first since my computer always hangs!! ^^ hahaha !!
Our pretties ^^ sleep early~ heehee It’ll be great if we can meet in our dreams too ^^
Love ya love ya love ya ~ ~ ~ one little verse *stop* hee hee
Let me be the one~ *stop* hee hee
Good!!! Have a good performance!! Aja Aja!!
Dream Concert Aja Aja!!
I also received meaningful love for 5 years. Please look after me in the future too ^^ hehehe
Yeah!! Thanks everyone !!!
3rd year high school students!!!! Go and study!! Go go go go!!
I shall end here~~ heh heh ^^ Thank you x 501 Love you x 501… ^^ forever


좋아 !!! 공연 잘하세요!! 아자아자!! [규종

드콘 아자아자!! [규종]

고 3 수험생들 !!!! 어여 공부하러 가세요 !! 고고고고!! [규종

love ya love ya love ya ~ ~ ~ 한소절 땡 ㅎㅎ [규종]
love ya love ya love ya ~ ~ ~ 一小段 叮!呵呵(主打歌里的高潮)

우리이쁜이들 ^^ 일찍 자자~ ㅎㅎ 꿈에서라도 만난다면 참 좋겠네요 ^^ [규종]

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