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[News][2010.05.12] More About Athena Drama and Hyun Joong

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ATHENA Production Team Will Create New Role for Kim Hyun Joong as Secret Agent in Intelligency Agency

Ilkan Sports 2010.05.12 (wed) 10:09am

[JES Lee·Gyonnan] The high possibility of Kim Hyun Joong being a part of the TV drama ATHENA, which is the most highly anticipated drama for the second half of this year, has stirred much interest in everyone.

The production company, Taewon Entertainment said, "If it's decided that Kim Hyun Joong joins the cast, (we) will customize a role just for him",
and this demonstrates their positive attitude and hope towards Kim Hyun Joong joining the drama team. Kim Hyun Joong too has expressed his wish to evolve from the previous Flower Boy image to a more masculine role.

Although both parties are keeping an open and positive mind towards this,
the main reason for not being able to formally seal the deal and sign the contract is because of Kim Hyun Joong's existing exclusive contract with his agency. Kim Hyun Joong's contract with his current agency will end on 8th June. Kim Hyun Joong has not made any public announcement about whether he will stay on with DSP or will sign with a new agency.

Pertinent to this issue, Athena's production unit said, "Due to the fact that it's still unclear as to which main party is in a position to confirm and sign the contract for Kim Hyun Joong's appearance (in the drama),
so we can only wait till Kim Hyun Joong's current exclusive contract runs out." They also said, "Based on the current storyline and plot, there are no suitable roles for Kim Hyun Joong. If Kim Hyun Joong's appearance is confirmed, the plan is to create a totally new character for him,
and it will be a substantial role" and "In order to demonstrate Kim Hyun Joong's enthusiasm towards action-packed acting, the role of a key personnel from the central intelligence bureau is most suitable."

However, it is also possible that Kim Hyun Joong will not appear in Athena.
A related personnel from Taewon Entertainment said, "Athena has to crank-in by mid June, we cannot keep waiting for Kim Hyun Joong. If we're unable to invite Kim Hyun Joong to join the drama team, we're also discussing about selecting an alternative from idol groups of similar age, in order to have a contingency plan for the drama team."

A spin-off from Iris, Athena is a much talked-about production with a sterling cast of heavyweight actors and actresses, such as Jung Woo Sung, Cha Seung Won, Su Ae, Lee Ji Ah, and others. Jung Woo Sung will play a key personnel from the central intelligence unit, Cha Seung Won will appear as a terrorist. The drama is expected to air on SBS TV at year-end.

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