Thursday, May 27, 2010

[2010.05.27] Black-out ..! 28 May - 4 June @ Seoul ^^

Hmm... once again, another month is coming to an end.. I'm gonna disappear again soon! Will be in Seoul for a week.. almost done with packing my luggage.. did I forget anything..?? Erm hope not.

Anyway our boys will be making their new comeback on 28th..! Yea, there will be total 3 fansign events at different parts of Seoul and winners will be picked via the lottery method. We will purchase the original albums there but might not be taking part in the lottery though. Good luck to those fans out there! Hee.. Hope to see or bump into our boys somewhere somehow there, IF lady luck is with us yah.. ^^

Okay, I gotta go now.. we will check in early first and loiter around the airport ... I'm NOT bringing my laptop there so there will be no posting from me during the above time period yah.. ETD Sin 28 May 2:45am..!! Byeeeeee..

Seoul, here I come!!! Wait for me...

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geobug-i said...

hava nice trip.. im new in here just find ur blog this nite..^_^.. love the blink2x..