Saturday, June 5, 2010

[2010.06.05] I'm Back Home...! Have You Forgotten Me..? LOL

I'm back (yesterday)..! Was too tired to do anything else after reaching home at 2am.. but still struggle to unpack my lugguages and had a good bath... and well, I finally knock out at 6+am.. Had a loooooooonnnnnnnnng sleep until 10pm..!Oink oink.. ^^ Had my late dinner and started to take photos of my loots..! Went with a 8+kg check-in lugguage and returned with another additional 5kg load and an extra cabin bag..! I didn't really buy alot of things but why the heck so heavy..!? Bleahhhhh.. Shall post the pictures later on when I have the time yah.. Shall go check out the boys' news now, and where should I begin with..? Gosh.. can I just skip where I left off with... and start from today..?? >.<"

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