Monday, June 28, 2010

[2010.06.28] Wahooo...!

Exams results are out & I managed to pass all modules for January 2010 semester! All my sleepless nights and frustrations have been paid off beautifully! But but but, I must work extra harder to increase my CGPA still. Sorry that this post is really way out of any relevance to our boys but I couldn't conceal my happiness. Yeah I'm a happy girl, a very happy girl today..! ^^

Course Result Grade Point
BUS105 Statistics A+ 5.00
BUS363 Total Quality Management A- 4.50
COR100 Effective Communication B+ 4.00
COR154 Learning to Learn A 5.00
LOG205 Transport Management A 5.00
LOG207 Warehousing & Material Handling B+ 4.00

Semester GPA : 4.57
Cumulative GPA to date : 4.17

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carollalala said...

congrats gal! *thumbs up*