Sunday, June 20, 2010

[2010.06.20] Soon It Will Be ....

Ahhh gosh,I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooo darn tired these days.. No rest seems enough for me. (T.T)

Once again, we are coming to the end of another month.. How has everyone been living..? Tired like me? Hahaha. I know everyone is concerned about the boys' future activities after the expired contract. Until the next contract or renewal, our boys have absolute freedom in making decisions for their own lives. That explains why DSP cannot accept offers or invitations on their behalf. I don't see the reason to get so worked up over certain comments. The boys already mentioned that they will wait for DSP President to recover first before going into further discussion on the contract details. But sometimes, things do get a little complicated. You know how news can get really twisted, exaggerated, blurred, etc in midst of translations and word-of-mouth, especially those who like to add flavors to spice things up. All in all, our boys know what they are doing and they are matured enough to think for themselves. So please trust them, k? At the end of the day, I will choose to believe what the boys had promised, that is they will return and stay forever as one. Even if that day never come, they are still the brightest stars we adore and those memories weaved together cannot be erased. The love that we accumulated bits by bits with our tears and laughters are so precious that no one else can replace.

And yes, soon it will be... what?? You will know soon.. just wait a little while more, k? (^.-) I'm signing off soon (eh hope so? haha), wanna rest early. Ahnyoung..

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