Sunday, June 20, 2010

[Message][2010.06.20] Kyu Jong's Chat @ DSP TOK Board

Credit: DSP Media + (Eng Trans)
Please repost with full credit.

Suddenly Kyu Jong appeared on TOK board this evening. Our sweetie Kyu left below message for TripleS. Here is my translation.

- Hi Hi Hi~~ hehehehe
- It's been a long time. T. I had a break time for a moment with my family & friends...hee
- How was your rainy day? Sometime it's good that it rains.
- I tried to leave a message on official board but it was in error. so I leave my message here to say hello.
- It's getting hotter. Don't break down in hot weather. Cheer up!!
- Hahaha ^^ pooh
- My computer keeps errooooooors. T.T. Is it cause of many of DongJeop? (log-in at the same time)
- I'm new generation. so I know the word called DongJeop!! hahahaha
- Really thank you for 1st place at Music bank. T.T. I was watching it with my friends! T.T.
- Is it your exam period? huh? Are you studying? hehe
- You(or I?) can play cause today is Sunday!!
- hehe. Ah~ so hot. hot. T.T. I'll have a water melon!!
- Noonim(honorific word of noona)s who work hard in hot weather, Hwaiting!! Aja Aja!!
- Good Good!! Study hard when you are a student. AjaAja. No regrets!! hehe but I didn't study hard. hehe
- Happy Birthday to You!!
- I'm going now. hehe ^^
- No matter how you feel hard... grumbling, complaining... Let's we put them down. ^^ OK?! hehe
- Always cherish the hope and have a positive mind.. ^^ hehehe umhahahaha!!
- Now I.... wuss up!!
- I'm playing alone.....
- Umhahhaa!!^^ See you again. My friends are waiting for me!!! Water melon. yum yum.
- I'm going. wuss up hehehe

Original Message

안녕안녕안녕~~~ 히히히히 [규종]
오랜만이지 ㅜ !! 난 가족과 친구들과 잠깐의 휴식을 가졌어요..히 [규종]
비오는 날 잘 보냈어요?! ^^ 가끔 비도 좋을때가 있죠..ㅎ^^ [규종]
자꾸 공홈글쓰는게 에러가 나서 ..ㅜ 여기에 인사말 남겨요 ^^ [규종]
날씨가 무척 더워지고있네요 ^^ ㅎ 더위에 쓰러지지말구 우리 힘내요!!! [규종]
하하하 ^^ 메롱 [규종]
자꾸 컴퓨터가 오류가 일어나요오오오오...ㅠ 흑 !! 동접이 많아서 그러나 히히 [규종]
난 신세대 동접이라는 단어도 알지 !! 하하하하 [규종]
뮤뱅 1위 고마워요 진짜..ㅠ 친구들이랑 보다가 흑흑!!.. [규종]
시험 기간이야 뭐야뭐야?~ 공부하고있어요?!^^ ㅎㅎ [규종]
일요일이니 놀아도됩니다..!! [규종]
ㅎㅎ 아 더워더워 ㅜ 수박 잘라 먹어야지!! [규종]
무더위에 열심히 일하시는 누님들도 화이팅!!! 아자아자!!!! [규종]
좋아좋아!! 학생때는 공부 열심히!! 아자아자!! 후회없이!!! ㅎㅎ 난 못했지만.. ㅎ [규종]
생일 축하합니다!!! [규종]
난 가보실테예요 !! 히히 ^^ [규종]
아무리 힘든일있어도 불평 불만.. 우리 내려놓아요..^^ 알았죠?! ㅎㅎ [규종]
항상 희망가지고 긍정적인마인드하기...^^ 히히히 음하하하하!! [규종]
이제 내가 wuss up !!! [규종]
나 혼 자 놀고... [규종]
음하하하!!! ^^ 담에 또봐용 난 친구들이 기다려!! 수박 냠냠 [규종]
이제 간다 wuss up ㅎㅎㅎ [규종]

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