Tuesday, June 29, 2010

[News][2010.06.29] Uncertainty in SS501's future

Again, please read with open minds. The source of news was not mentioned but nevertheless, the 'new' contract might be just purely for acting roles & the boys might still get together to continue work on their singing careers. Don't get too agitated for now. Let's hope to hear some clarifications from the boys themselves soon.

Credit: (Korean-English Trans) shirbogurl
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SS501's member Kim Hyun Joong recently signed with BYJ's Keyeast. In fact, he has already departed from the group SS501. SS501's management company DSP Entertainment's representative expressed that "after Kim Hyun Joong left SS501, it is still uncertain whether SS501 will continue with future activities."

At last, Kim Hyun Joong chose BYJ's Keyeast as his new management company. During the interview, Keyeast's representative announced that "from now on, the company will do its best to help Kim Hyun Joong's entertainment career and train him to become a world level celebrity."

Because KHJ signed with a new company, people are curious about whether SS501 continue its activity as a group. To this, Keyeast representative expressed that even though KHJ has left DSP Entertainment company, but he still kept a good relationship with the other SS501 members. There is a possibility that he will participate in future SS501 albums. Although Keyeast expressed its opinion, however, DSP Entertainment has the ownership to SS501's name and the ability to make future decisions for SS501. DSP entertainment representative indicate that, as of right now, there are no certain future plans for SS501. The company is currently negotiating with the other four members about renewal of their contracts. It is still uncertain whether SS501 will continue on with future activities or disband.

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