Thursday, June 17, 2010

[Video][2010.06.14] SS501 @ tvN Newton Music Show *ENG SUB*

Mianhae, I can't help but really laugh out loud at their conversation. I will be looking forward to next episode on Monday. (^.-)

HyunJoong: Sorry but "stones will be thrown", how will it be thrown?
MC Gil: Huh?
HyunJoong: I really don't know. What does "stones will be thrown" mean?
MC Gil: It's simply throwing stones on stage.
HyunJoong: Ok, I understand. You must help me, no matter what, you must help me.
MC Gil: Please help me say something to the fans.
HyunJoong: ............ Please work together to save a person's life.

Credit: superstarsubs + TVN
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[SSS☆] 100613 SS501 on Music Show Newton {eng sub}

Credit: 3kimhe0park + 아하 @egloos + TVN
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ⓢⓢ501 @ †vⓝ ⓝewton ⓜⓤⓢⓘ© ⓢhow [10.06.14]

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