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[Fan Account][2010.06.18] Liezle: Unexpected Luck... Leader Overload Part 1

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[Fan Account] 06.18.10 Unexpected Luck... Leader Overload Part 1

Never thought that I would have this chunk of luck when I learned the Kim Hyun Joong would be visiting the Philippines. I never even thought before of going to see him in the concert that would happen 18 hours from now. But since yesterday, lady luck must have love sitting on my shoulder and even invited another one to sit on the other side today. ^_^

I have told you that yesterday, I saw Leader at the lobby of his hotel in this post of mine. Really that was unexpected. Up to now thinking about that passing look he gave still makes me giddy.

Alright, that was yesterday. What about today? Hmm, I know that I'll be seeing Leader today once again as I got an invite from Chayene. But my mind was conditioned that I'll only be seeing him at around 3PM. So I went to work until I got a call just before lunch that I've to be in Eat Bulaga in less than an hour because Leader will be there. What? Less than an hour? It'll take one hour or so for me to drive there with yesterday being a Friday! But still I said, 'Alright, I'll be there'. ^_^

To cut the story short, I was in Eat Bulaga, less than 45 minutes. Huh! Don't know how I did it [despite the traffic because of an accident] but I did. I then went to the lobby guard and asked for direction to the backstage as instructed by Chayene.

At the backstage saw people running here and there because the show is just about to start. Leader hasn't arrived but I was told that he's on his way. Called my friend in the hotel where Leader is and told her to wait at the lobby because Leader will be passing by the lobby again any minute soon to be in EB [Eat Bulaga].

While waiting for Leader to arrive, I took photo his waiting room and tried practicing on how to aim my camera when he arrives.

A few minutes later, his tall Korean bodyguards were checking the hallway. It took them about 10 minutes to clear the hall of people. Geez, they're so strict! They don't want anyone in the hallway when Leader enter. They're checking who's who and keep on saying no camera. After making sure that the hallway is cleared of unwanted people, the hulking bodyguards then came marching in followed by Leader. I was able to get a very very short video of him until the guard tapped our cameras.

From the entrace I saw Hyun Joong walking tall going to his waiting room [we were standing at the door] looking so handsome but I've a feeling that he's not feeling well. Nelson Canlas together with Chayene, H the cameraman [the news team of 24 Oras] then went inside once Leader was in. I would have also been inside but decided not to go anymore because I don't want to be shooed out. Which I think I made a good decision because just like what I said on my previous post, if I've gone inside my face would have been on the national TV. ^^

So I waited outside for C and H to come out. They then came out of the room because Nelson Canlas has to start his interview. After coming out C also felt that he's not feeling well after she greeted him and he gave her weak smile.

A few minutes later Nelson's interview is over. He came out then gave C 2 signed photos of SS501 back to her. C was very very happy.

Btq, Leader's group was asked to be in EB at 1PM [if I'm not mistaken]. They arrived much earlier than 1PM.

The hallway at the backstage is quite narrow the Korean bodyguards keep on ordering us to clear the hallway. Since we have business at the backstage they cannot shoo us out.

The waiting for Leader to come out on stage is getting longer. The Koreans seems to be getting agitated. Then about 45 minutes have passed the door to the waiting area of Leader opened and Leader came out to my surprised. I was standing just in front of his room texting someone. C went out to meet someone. He saw me gave a little smile walked a bit as if wanting to do something. When he came out of the room all the guards were on alert. They seemed to be so concerned about him asking him what he wants. But I didn't hear Leader saying any words he just walked a few paces back and forth then went back to his room again but this time the guard didn't close the door and just put a stool as a door stopper. I really have a feeling that he's not feeling well.

The dressing room is quite smal but airconditioning is good. But since it's small he must have felt crammed inside and decided to get some air.

At around 1:30PM I was told that Koreans are really getting agitated and keep on asking when Leader is to be put on stage. More waiting for Leader. At this point I then told C that we should try our cds to be autographed. We got a good timing to talked to the interpreter when she was looking for a black pentel pen which C has. So we asked if possible then she said she will asked then walked away with C's black pentel pen. She didn't return then.

Anyway, C then asked Pauline Luna's help [she's an actress and MC] since she knows here. To my surprise Pauline is very very accommodating and really tried her best to get our CDs signed. She tried 3 times asking! I'm really surprised with her kindness. Despite her charm and everything she failed. At anyrate, Pauline, I really appreciated what you did.

After failing to get the CDs signed we gave up. Placed our cds back inside our bag.

More waiting for Leader and the Koreans are really really getting pissed off. They even tried to walk out but of course they didn't. I understand where they're coming from. They were asked to be at the studio at early and it's almost 2 and Leader is still not being interviewed.

So I then asked someone if there's still another appointment for Leader after EB. I was told that they've to go to Araneta Coliseum for sound check then head back to the hotel for the GMA media interview which will happen at 3:30PM.

After realizing that I'm getting a good conversation with this someone, I took this opportunity to ask more information. ^_^ I asked where Leader went last Thursday night and I got confirmation that he did watched soccer with friends in Pasig and came back 2 hours later. Then I asked when he's returning to Seoul, I got an answer but I'm sorry I can't tell you guys when and where he is going. What I can only say is that he'll be staying a while to enjoy Philippines [Leader also mentioned this in his interview with Grace Lee].

A few minutes after getting above info, commotion in the hallway got frantic. Everyone is getting in their position. I then went to the left side of the stage with C to wait for Leader to come out on stage. At first I was only standing below the stage but when I realized that I could actually stand on the stage so I did.

I took a short vid of his interview then took snapshots. With steady hands I think I've taken quite a good shot and was able to stare at him and not at the monitor of my camera.

I then again felt giddy when he saw me! This time not once, not twice but three times he made a passing look! Hehehe, it must be the floral A-line skirt and the Royal Avenue shoes I'm wearing. ^_^ Nah, kidding aside, I guess everyone who would be given by such passing look will be giddy. Waahhh!!! We locked eyes for the 5th time since yesterday! [Shirley, Jung Min's moment at Persona in Seoul Encore I think is the best because it's longer and he communicated with me in a way ^_^]. But yeah 5 times we locked eyes and there's still more in the 2nd part. ^_^. Woot! Woot!

In the video that I posted HERE, you could actually see that he would keep looking at the extreme left side of the stage. Hee, he must have said in his mind 'Again'?

Here are photos during the interview and I'm sure that you'll notice the eyes. ^_^

After the interview he walked pass our side and headed straight to the exit.

Me and C then went to my car then left the vicinity of Eat Bulaga then headed to his hotel to be at the GMA programs interview. ^_^

As this post is already quite long, I'll end it here. Will give you the next set of 'Unexpected luck, Leader overdose' story part 2 in a short while. ^_^ I hope I didn't bore you. ^^

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