Monday, June 21, 2010

[Message][2010.06.21] Hyung Jun: Double S-501

Thank you Maknae for leaving this message. I/We have always been keeping the same faith that SS501 is FOREVER AS ONE. Will look forward to seeing you guys return back..! Muack!!

Credit: DSP Media + (Chi Trans) 末末 @SS501吧 + (Eng Trans)
Please repost with full credit.

English Translation

Hyung Joon : Double S 501 @ 2010-06-21, 8:49:49 PM

We believe in one another ,
Don't worry.
Five of us will be as one Forever.
We will be together all the way until we become grandmothers and grandfathers.
Amazing music, terrific us, we'll repay all of you, the 5 of us.
I love you all, green peas ^-^
Double S 501, Manse~ Manse~ Manse~

Chinese Translation

亨俊:SS501 2010-06-21 8:49:49

我爱你们 豌豆公主^_^
SS501 万岁~万岁~万岁

Original Message

더블에스오공일 2010-06-21 오후 8:49:49

우리 서로 믿어요 ,
걱정하지 말아요.
다섯명은 영원히 하나입니다.
우리 할아버지 할머니 될때까지 함께합시다.
멋진음악, 멋진모습으로 보답할게요 우리 다섯명이.
사랑해 완두콩들 ^-^
더블에스오공일 만세~ 만세~ 만세~

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