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[Fan Account][2010.06.20] Pay-Off Persistence

Credit: Sarangkhj
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Pay-Off of Persistence
by Sarangkhj @

Gorgeous, handsome and really, really nice complexion- these are some of words that comes to mind when I saw him today, June 20, 2010. I have never been a fan of any celebrity, NEVER. Not until Kim Hyun Joong came around.

I went to the airport to catch a glimpse of leader arriving from Manila. There were a lot of rumors and talk that he was coming here to our city. I was a depressed as I decided not to attend the fan meeting and watch the Beast concert in Manila because I had no one to go with. Then people started stating that he was coming to our city, this lifted me up a bit. There is still a chance I can see him in person again. The first time I saw him was in PERSONA concert in Hongkong, Dec. 2009.

I went to the airport at around 9:30 am. I managed to get inside the arrival section. Every time a plane from Manila lands, I become excited and anticipate seeing him. The last flight in the morning was at 12:10 noon and still there was no sign of Kim Hyun Joong. The next flight from Manila was at 2:50 pm. I had lunch at a resort close to the airport. This was also to check if he might be staying in that resort. It is a Korean place and I was thinking it is the most likely place he will stay in. There were no signs of him there and I could not ask anyone also.

I was getting tired and was ready to give up but my companion was willing to go back to the airport. So we rushed back to the airport as a new friend was there and she texed that the plane from Manila just landed. My new friend also went to the airport to catch a glimpse of leader.

I got back in time to see the passengers come out and claim their baggage. But still no sign of leader. Another plane arrived at around 3:10 pm and more passengers came out. As the passengers thinned out, a slight commotion in the arrival door started. I saw him then. He was with two Korean guys and two Korean bodyguards. Kim Hyun Joong was wearing all black; black pants, black shirt and a black vest. His bodyguards were also wearing all black. There was no sign of the manager. I started filming him as I went closer. I had to stop filming as one of the bodyguards came forward and told me no pictures. I was able to get as close as 1 inch from him. Leader looked at me and the camera as I was filming. They then exited the airport and started to walk away from the exit doors. I stood there mesmerized and just looked at them. They stopped around 30 meters away from the exit door to wait for their car.

I contemplated whether I should go after them or just leave. I was thinking that it should be enough that I saw him and got pictures and a video. In the end, I decided to go after them. I took pictures as I got closer to them. The bodyguards were really strict and stern, especially one of them. He kept telling me no pictures. I asked him if he could ask leader to sign me an autograph. The bodyguard just outright replied “NO!”. I even said to the bodyguard, “Jibal?” I tried again louder, hoping Kim Hyun Joong could hear me and understand. He did, he looked at me and motioned with his hands to give him the CD. I immediately grabbed my Rebirth cd and a marker that I have prepared for this opportunity. He took the cd and marker and proceeded to sign. When he finished, he turned to face me, he was like two inches away from me. He returned the cd, smiled shyly and slightly bowed as he was handing it to me. As he handed the pen back, it fell and he gave an apologetic bow. The bodyguard rushed to pick it up for him. I thanked him and he nodded.

Hyun Joong signing my Rebirth CD.

My autographed CD.

They stood there for a few more minutes because the car has not arrived yet. He looked really young with his hairstyle, a small ponytail on the top part of his hair. He had his shades on most of the time. He, however, took it off when he took my cd to sign it.

His two companions looked like close friends and he looked really relax and comfortable with them. He even did a dance move as he was standing there waiting for the car. He looked relax and not rigid and stiff like how he was with some of the interviews in Manila. He looked so boyish and playful. I am reminded of how he looked and acted when he did the TV show ‘We Got Married’. There were some scenes in that show where he had this kind of hairstyle and was this playful.

Finally the car came. A Korean female was there to facilitate and get him into the car. He was asked to get inside the car and the car parked in the designated area. The other two companions stayed outside, as well as the bodyguards. The car remained parked for 2 minutes or so. It seemed, they were waiting for someone or something. After awhile, everyone got inside the white car and they left.

I am still giddy from the thought that I got to see Kim Hyun Joong up close and even had him sign my cd. He is really nice and accommodating to his fans. Even when the bodyguards kept saying no, he still accommodated my request.

There was not much crowd when he arrived and most of the people there hardly recognized him. That could have contributed to his relaxed demeanor. People did stare and a few people did hover near him when he was waiting for the car. I overheard one lady say, that’s Jihoo.

This will be one afternoon that I will never forget.

More photos to share later. For the meantime here's the video that sarangkhj took.

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