Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hotsun Chicken Restaurant & Hello Kitty Cafe @ Seoul, Hongik University

Ermm.. I will be posting random pictures taken during my Seoul trip into multiple posts over a few days (I hope so..??) as I am trying to multi-task with various things at the same time. And I also need to get more rest since I am still quite deadbeat from the trip.. Do bear with it yah.. Not all pictures will be uploaded as I have snapped over 500 pictures.. okay, that's considered little already but it's a pain to upload every single piece here..! Anyway I will try to post the more interesting ones so they will not be in sequence to actual dates visted.. Will try to retrieve and post the DSP & Royal Avenue pictures soon.. Miahn..!

Do NOT repost without permission.

Went to Hotsun Chicken restaurant near to Hongik University.. Handsome Leader was at the door, welcoming us!!! Hahahaha.. But the restaurant aren't opened that early yet.. so we just took some photos of the exterior and moved on..
Well, since it was a must-go-and-dine-place for us so we actually returned on a separate day again.. Hiakz. We had boneless original baked chicken and they are really very nice to eat ..! ^^

Hello Kitty Cafe..! It was actually very near to Hotsun but we had gone further away from the place as we went in search of the original Coffee Prince filmset that you had seen on TV.. The hunt was a real torture for us.. Will post the pictures of that later on..

So from there, we were kinda lost and walked in rounds for the pinky house and almost wanna gave up.. Making the last attempt with my limited vocabulary, "Sillye hamnida.. Hello Kitty kahpeh, odi eyo?" and thank goodness we are saved by two nice Korean ladies!! No, they aren't going the same way as us (we initially thought they were) but still they walked us all the way there..! Gamsahamnida..!

Finally arrived at the "Kitty Palace"..! Very nice decorations and I can't resist but to even take pictures of the kawaii toilet..! Got to do it fast before someone else entered the washroom :p I had the fruit vanilla waffle with latte.. niceeeeee ^^

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