Sunday, June 13, 2010

Seoul much for this much... Teddy Bear Museum & City Night Sky..

Strictly NO reposting.

Walk-through @ Teddy Bear Museum 1 (Ancient Bears)..
I had taken more than just these pictures here but well, I won't be posting everything as said before..

Next, we have the modernised bears at museum 2..

Dae Han Min Guk..! [clap, clap] Dae Han Min Guk..! [clap, clap]
Manse, Manse..!

Heading up to the observatory tower that was filled with people
sticking their faces onto the glass windows with hopes to catch a good view of the city..
These pictures were taken with my mobile cos my camera battery had died on me..

Viewing the night scene at the tower base had to be a much better experience despite the chilly weather.. and well in other words, don't waste the money going to the observatory.. you may consider the bear museum though if you wanna take a look inside..
once again, sorry for the picture quality here.. iphone camera is very much lacking in this function eh.. ^.-

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