Monday, June 14, 2010

[Photo][2010.06.08] Hyun Joong Dropped His Ring @ KBS Open Concert

Below narration was inserted with my own thoughts.. ^^

Heard Leader also dropped his blink blink bracelet during the performance @ SBS Inkigayo..? Aiyoooo..! Joongie ahh.. although these accessories are sponsored or owned by the company, you also cannot 'litter' them around publicly mah.. :x

Credit: 佳佳的熊宝 + (Picture Narration)
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See that black color ring on Leader's finger.

There was absolutely nothing on the floor area as circled below.

Ohh! Someone dropped something...! Erm, was that a black ring?
*Ahh.. Leader, did you feel a sudden lightness on your finger?*

Okay, now JungMin was coming up just behind Leader.. And something caught his attention..!

Wow.. look at what I found..! *bent down to pick*
It's a magic ring... but why did it look so familiar?
Ahhhh... HyunJoong-hyung's...

But but.. how should I return to him now..? Ahh never mind, I would keep it in SAFE HAND for him...
*slipped the ring onto his own finger*

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