Sunday, June 6, 2010

Our Visits To DSP Office & Royal Avenue @ Seoul, South Korea

Strictly NO reposting.

Yeah, here we arrived at the building where DSP office is located. The office itself is quite small and their workspace is what I would describe as cramped and stuffy.. Nevertheless, we started to take pictures of the awards and posters on display after passing our presents over to the not-so-friendly staff. Our boys' winning trophies are placed at the top 2 level of the shelf while the other groups' trophies are placed at the remaining space below them :x

Royal Avenue Showroom and Royal 'Petshop'...! There was only 5 rabbits, as one of them had gone to unknown place.. Not with JungMin as we checked with the staff but he wasn't able to tell us where that bunny had gone to.. the one outside the cage is the baby bunny, looking at his companions locked in..! (^.^)

Ooohh I just love the crystal lights.. blink blink ^^

Royal Cafe, just situated beside the showroom.. we also took photos with the staff there before we left the place.. he couldn't speak English at all, so basically our communications with them are hand signs and limited Korean vocabulary hahah.. he was so shy and surprised that we requested for the photo taking.. cuteee haha but the pictures aren't with me, will post it up again once I got them yah.. :p

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