Monday, June 14, 2010

[News][2010.06.14] JungMin - Learning Mandarin For Taiwanese Idol Drama..?

Credit: China Times + 후출 + Quainte + YGI + (Eng Trans)
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SS501′s Park JungMin studies hard on Mandarin, will be shooting a taiwan drama? Possibility? We’ll await

SS501 Park JungMin’s contract with agency DSP expires in June, at this time to announce the news that he will be invading into the Mandarin drama world is indeed sensitive! He is already by nature very much interested in acting, after taking on the main lead in MBC drama “Human theater 2010″, he was able to show off his acting chops very much through acting as gangsters, beggars, restaurant waiter etc, winning accolades of many.

Last month when he was in Taiwan, he was spotted to be together with producer Angie Chai to watch Harlem Yu’s concert, which led to people speculating that both of them might have the chance to work alongside each other in dramas, and even was rumoured that he has plans to sign under her. Angie Chai has expressed back that, they indeed have plans to work together, JungMin himself has also very keen interest in entering the mandarin drama world markets, and had already begun employing mandarin teachers to learn mandarin, despite his fever not long ago he still hanged on to learn studiously, after his mandarin improves, she would proceed on to arrange him in an idol drama.

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