Saturday, June 5, 2010

[News][2010.06.02] SS501’s Best Superior Genes is?

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Receiving lots of attention each time their comeback news is being announced, which member in SS501 has the superior genes?

Not long ago, a hot topic of a pretty simultaneous interpreter who was known to be SS501 Kim HyungJoon’s cousin has made a huge talking point.

From Kim Hyung Joon to U-Kiss member Kim KiBum and cousin Jang Elly, ‘Star Q10’ will meet with them and reveal about stuffs that are never heard before.

Jang Elly talked about the old stories through this interview about Kim Hyung Joon’s exceptional curiosity which led to taking the escalator for about 80 times and Kim Ki Bum being so clever that he would be able to go for Mathematics competition and that everyone thought he would become a judge.

Prior to debut, Kim Ki Bum told an incident where he signed on behalf of his brother because he looks so much like Kim Hyung Joon.

In addition, Kim Hyung Joon will make an honest talk to Jang Elly and Kim KiBum. SS501’s best superior genes Kim HyungJoon family’s secrets will be revealed through SBS E!TV on 2-Jun at 8pm.

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