Friday, June 11, 2010

KDrama Coffee Prince Filmset & Namsan Tower Tour Part 1

Strictly NO reposting.

The original film setting of Korean drama Coffee Prince at Hongik University area..! Had a hard time trying to locate this place.. unlike the Coffee Prince 'No.1 Shop', this one is definitely nowhere near the subway station. No photography is allowed if you are not patronising them, and the staff will also impolitely ask you to leave right away.. Managed to capture a few shots only..

Chanced upon this beautifully decorated Italian coffee/wine house along our way to Namsan Cable Car Station. Along this stretch of path, there are several exquisite cafes and restaurants, but I suppose they are more on the high-end side, targeting tourists (especially the westerners) living in the area or heading towards the cable station.. :x

Entrance to Namsan Park, about 1.5hr walk to the tower base.. Anyone brave enough to take the challenge..? Erm, not me though.. I don't wanna end up with broken legs..( =.=")

View of the iconic tower from the cable car boarding area..

View from within the cable car

This is the Namsan Park.. see that long winding path...? Hehe..

Ohh, moving higher up Mt. Namsan..

In a couple of minutes, we had arrived at the other end of the cable station..

Looking down that looooooooooong stairway...

Okay, gotta conquer this one to reach the tower base.. Hwaiting..!

To be continued... (^.^)

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