Monday, June 14, 2010

[2010.06.09] Updated Eng Trans: What did Jung Min says? @ SBS ETV Star Q10

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If you are fans of SS501, you may know all our boys' characters and their way of speaking.
Jung Min enjoys joking a lot and pretends to be strong in front of fans.

I'm not English native so I don't know how you understand his joking. But for me, as a Korean, I laughed with his expression. It was Jung Min's way of speaking as usual.

03:58 KYU says, "Jung Min is SS501's Hitler"
04:40 JM Says, "I always do like that. Older brothers (means HJL & YS) got used to my personality. It's acceptable cause we have a good relationship."

Question : Who is the influential person among SS501 members?
04:56 JM Says, "Character? me, Charisma? me, Is there any member your role model? no. I've got a driving force.
Other members change their words but I don't do that. haha"
05:17 JM says, "SS501's influential person you noticed, it's me! who can be? All members are gone. haha"

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