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[2010.06.09] SS501 @ MBC ShimShimTaPa Radio Show *ENG TRANS*

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Shindong: Today, we have SS501 as our special guests today! [Clap]

Kyu-ri: As always, we’re going to start off with Sponsor recite. Everyone ready? Music please~~

Shindong: We have succeeded yesterday for sure and I wonder if these five will succeed today.

Kyu-ri: I wonder how creative they will be.

Shindong: We will have 10seconds to do this and we’ll start now.

Shindong: We will start from Kyu-ri
[They are reciting radio sponsors advertisement]

Kyu-ri: [You wouldn’t realize how “shim-shim tapa” will make you feel good unless you experience it for yourself. They have prepared a red clay mat and an electronic kettle from Bo-gup electronics corporation.]

Hyung-joon: [“shim-shim tapa” has prepared a black garlic extract for each one of you.]

Jung-min: [You wouldn’t realize how much “shim-shim tapa” holds dearly of their children. A mugwort from Dong-won is prepared as well.]

Kyu-jong: [They have prepared a tasty barley drink McCol and a coffee set gift certificate which I’m very thankful for.]

Hyun-joong: [If you participate in “shim-shim tapa”, you will get a gift certificate from the H-mart. They have also prepared a make-up set from MBC Beauty Academy.]

Young-saeng: [Although they cannot give a Digital Camera to everyone, or give out PMP and shoes gift certificate to each one of you, they have prepared a book gift certificate from Monkey three to be handed out.]

Shindong: [I hope you all realize that “shim-shim tapa” have prepared all these gifts for our listeners. But you have to realize that these gifts wouldn’t be just handed out. You will have to participate in “shim-shim tapa” in order to receive these gifts.]

Everyone: [Clap]

Shindong: Well done!

Kyu-ri: Yes, you’ve done a good job.

Shindong: We just got a new message. It says, “that was great and very impressive!”

Shindong: Well done to everyone and we’ll start our show with SS501 as special guests for today!

Shindong: If you have been worn out by the hot weather today,

Kyu-ri: You will be able to feel the cool breeze by joining “shim-shim tapa” with our guests today. Here we have with us today is handsome five member boy’s group,

Shindong: Or they can now be called a Hanryu prince. They are SS501, Hyun-joong, Kyu-jong, Young-saeng,

Kyu-ri: Jung-min and Hyung-joon! Welcome!

SS501: Hello, we are SS501!

Shindong: Welcome!

Kyu-ri: You’ve finally made it here.

Kyu-ri: First of all, please introduce yourselves to our “shim-shim tapa” listeners.

Hyung-joon: Hello, this is Hyung-joon, a perfect youngest member in SS501.

Young-saeng: Hello, this is Young-saeng, a prince of SS501.

Hyun-joong: Hello, this is Hyun-joong, a leader of SS501.

Kyu-jong: Hello, this is Kyu-jong, a forever center of SS501.

Jung-min: Hello, this is Jung-min, a sexy charisma of SS501.

Shindong: Welcome! And I have to say that our “shim-shim” listeners are just excited to have you all here today.

Kyu-ri: We have a message and it says, “Is SS501 coming on the radio today? I’m so excited! I will look forward to many good stories!”

Shindong: And we have another message that says, “Please ask a lot of questions to SS501!”

Kyu-ri: One message says, “Oh god~ my heart is throbbing!”

Shindong: We have some questions to ask, right?

Kyu-ri: Yes, Jung-min has appeared on our first “shim-shim tapa” show to congratulate on our first broadcast thus we never heard from any other four members. But I guess we can hear that word of congratulation today, right?

SS501: [Clap] Congratulation!

Shindong: Why doesn’t Kyu-jong say a word of congratulation to us?

Kyu-jong: I’m sorry that I could not make it that day but I was talking to Young-saeng right before coming in to the studio and we had to admit that Kyu-ri has a nice radio voice.

Shindong: Young-saeng really said that?

Young-saeng: Yes, we were just listening to Kyu-ri’s voice over the radio right before coming in to the studio and I really had to admit that her voice sounds really nice and her pronunciation is very clear. It actually surprises me because I have never seen this side of her before.

Kyu-ri & Shindong [Laugh]

Shindong: It’s because you guys never had a chance to spend time together much.

Shindong: And I have one more to ask. Jung-min?

Kyu-ri: I heard that you’re going to sing a Logo song, is that true?

Shindong: Can we finally hear a Logo song from you?

Jung-min: I forgot! [Indiscernible]

Shindong: [Indiscernible]

Jung-min: It was when I was in a foreign country.

Kyu-ri: I think they can send it via mail.

Jung-min: Yes, why don’t you?

Shindong: In which name did you upload?

Jung-min: [Indiscernible]

Everyone: [Laugh] [Indiscernible]

Shindong: So you are going to do anything we ask, right?

Jung-min: Yes.

Shindong: Alright then. Since he’s going to do anything that we ask, why
doesn’t Kyu-ri ask for something?

Kyu-ri: Me? Well… You guys came back with a song “Love Ya” right? But I personally like “Let Me Be the One” too. So I want to hear that song briefly…

Shindong: In live?

Kyu-ri: Yes~

Shindong: In live without any accompaniment?

Kyu-ri: Well, they are my seniors…[laugh]

Shindong: Is it alright with you guys? Let’s hear it then.

Shindong & Kyu-ri One, two, three, four

SS501: [Singing]

Shindong & Kyu-ri Wow!

Jung-min: I haven’t been this sweaty before. [laugh]

Shindong: So I can ask you personal favor too?

Kyu-ri: Yes!

Shindong: I just want phone numbers from those five members.

Everyone: Ah~~

Shindong: Actually, I have Hyung-joon’s number but I don’t have rest of the members’ number yet.

Kyu-ri: Really?

Shindong: Yes, and I will sell their phone numbers in high price.

Everyone: [Laugh]

Shindong: So I will look forward to getting their numbers at the end of the show today. Alright then, it’s time to start “shim-shim” invitation with SS501.

Kyu-ri: It’s an invitation seat made just for SS501 and we can’t forget to talk about their new album.

Shindong: First, we’ll talk about the concept of the new album and its marketing part of it. Who is in charge of this part?

Hyung-joon: Yes, I’m in charge of this part. First of all, we have devoted our heart and soul in making this song, “Love Ya”. Unlike the current music trend of using an electronic music, we have omitted using those trying to make this album more comfortable to hear. Also we have included a lot of ballad song as well. In our Title song, you can hear an orchestra playing too. It’s a song that will make you exciting and you will like our performances too. I thing by not using any electronic sounds, it makes the song more great which can approach to the listeners in a better way.

Kyu-ri: Yes, Hyung-joon has made a true statement but it looks like that Kyu-jong was looking at him bit quite absurd.

Kyu-jong: [Indiscernible]

Kyu-ri: Is that mean you can do better than Hyung-joon?

Kyu-jong: First of all, since he had a talent to contribute in the music part, I contributed some of my talent in the costume part. As you know, most of the costumes that singers wear expose the front skin in their body but we came up with an idea to create a special costume that exposes our back side of the skin.

Shindong: Actually, I was surprised seeing that costume too! I also heard that Hyun-joong contributed in making the front side of the costume where it covers the chest area.

Hyun-joong: Well…actually…the costumes were already made to show our chest area but when we wore that costume for the first time, it didn’t look great. So we patched an extra fabric to an exposed chest area so that our chest get covered.

Shindong: Really? It was patched? I see…but it looked great and I thought that it was meant to be made like that.

Kyu-ri: Then who’s the one member that didn’t like that costume?

Hyun-joong: I liked the costume.

Jung-min: Actually, I didn’t like it very much. When I first saw that costume on the day of our music video recording, I was bit surprised because I didn’t expect it to be very much exposing.

Kyu-ri: I see that Jung-min doesn’t like to be exposed much.

Jung-min: Yes, I’m bit reluctant to show my skin. I was just not ready to show my skin that much yet although I was eventually going to do it in the later part of our comeback.

Shindong: But you looked very sexy in that costume.

Jung-min: My costume had the lowest cut.

Kyu-ri: Really?

Shindong: Your back was fair.

Everyone: [Laugh]

Shindong: Why don’t you say something to your stylist right now? Music please~

Jung-min: Thank you very much for creating costumes for us. But to be honest, I was bit shocked when I first saw that costume but now, I will try to suit myself into that costume. I hope that you will continue to make great costumes for all of us, and don’t forget to make mine the most interesting and special.

Shindong: Okay, we’ll go on to the next question.

Kyu-ri: I heard that there is a group who made a great contribution in promoting SS501’s new album. Do you guys know what that group is?

Kyu-ri: If you guys don’t know, I’ll be a bit disappointed.

SS501: [together] Kara!

Shindong: Yes, every time a song “Love Ya” played, Kara has been telling listeners about when you guys will be making a comeback and when your first broadcast is.

Jung-min: Kyu-ri is beautiful! [Laugh]

Jung-min: Park, Kyu-ri is beautiful! [laugh]

Kyu-ri: Well, thank you. But now that we’re talking about this, can you guys tell us one girls group and one boys group that you guys are keeping your eyes on?

Shindong: Now that you are somewhat in a seniority position. Can you tell us first Hyung-joon?

Hyung-joon: First of all, we can’t leave out our Kara which they are always on the top of our least. And there are many other new groups such as Four Minute and Sisters.

Shindong: Wait a minute, [indiscernible][laugh]

Hyung-joon: Yes, that song, “You’re my Sisters” was quite entertaining.

Shindong: Wait a minute, you guys are not in the same company with “Sisters”, right?

Hyung-joon: Right. [laugh][humming Kara’s song]

Shindong: How about a boys group? Can you tell us Young-saeng?

Young-saeng: Boys group?

Shindong: Yes, it can be a boys group that reminds you of your debut years.

Young-saeng: Is it my turn?

Everyone: [Laugh]

Shindong: Let him speak.

Young-saeng: I think U-Kiss. Somehow, they remind me of one of the members our group.

Shindong: [indiscernible][laugh]

Shindong: How about you Hyun-joong? Which girls group are you keeping an eye on these days?

Hyun-joong: Well, as always, Kara is on the top of the least which everyone knows about that. But many people would think it’s just because we work for the same company but they are really in the top of our list. And the next group is [singing]

Kyu-ri: Ah~~~Secret!

Shindong: Yes, they have a great song. Can you pick one member from that group?

Hyun-joong: I have one but I don’t know her name.

Shindong: Well, there are one blonde,

Kyu-ri: Ah~~~that one!

Shindong: I’m sure she’ll like to hear this. [Laugh]

Shindong: You don’t really say stuff like this, don’t you?

Hyun-joong: We always get across with them in green room…

Shindong: How about Kyu-jong? It can be a girls group or a boys group.

Kyu-jong: Well I like some of the boys group too but among girls group, I like F(x). I like their music genre and how they sound.

Kyu-ri: Yes, their song is great.

Kyu-jong: Now, next. [laugh]

Shindong: Yes, how about you Jung-min?

Jung-min: Well, for me…

Shindong: Yes, which group does SS501 likes?

Jung-min: First of all, Kara of course…[laugh] and Rainbow…

Kyu-ri: Well, then who specifically among Kara and Rainbow members?

Shindong: Oh~~ so tell us one specific member among Kara and Rainbow. But not the girl of your type but who you think has the most talent as a singer.

Jung-min: Park, Kyu-ri. It’s Kyu-ri without having to think about it. She’s the number one of course.

Shindong: Well, let me ask you this. You guys know IU, right? How do you guys think about her?

Hyung-joon: She has a great mature voice in compared to how young she is and she has cute face features.

Shindong: That’s right. How about you Kyu-jong?

Kyu-jong: I like her very much. She’s one of the girls that I like including Ah, Yu-mi.

Shindong: While you guys were mentioning the groups…

Kyu-ri: We just received a text message, it says…yesterday at “shim-shim tapa”, IU did a World Cup prediction and she cut off SS501 from the preliminary round.

SS501: I didn’t like her. [laugh]

Kyu-jong: How old is she? [laugh]

Shindong: Well it’s because I (Super Junior) and Trax was here with her while she was doing a prediction between SS501, Super Junior and Trax. So I’m sure that’s why she had to cut you guys off. Well would you like to say something to IU Jung-min?

Jung-min: When I first saw her when she first debuted…[laugh]she had this innocent face but she had too much make-up on her that was hiding her innocent face. So I thought myself if she could just show her bare face a bit more, she can appeal much better to people. And now that she has less make-up on and has better appeal to people, I feel good for her. But in the other hand, I feel disappointed that she cut us off yesterday. Hence, I don’t know you anymore and you can leave from my mind…[laugh]

Shindong: It was just a joke but funny. [laugh] Okay, we’ll have to end our first part of the show and we’ll back soon!

Shindong: Shindong and Kyu-ri’s Shim-Shim Tapa! We are here with five members from SS501!

Kyu-ri: Because we were busy talking about IU in part one, we forgot to play the new song from SS501 to our listeners. So let’s hear one of your new songs right now. Which one would you like to play?

Kyu-jong: Yes, this is a song that we have put our hearts and souls to and many great musicians from Korea, Europe and America had participated in creating this title song called “Love Ya”.

Shindong: Let’s hear SS501’s “Love Ya”!

Kyu-ri: That was “Love Ya” from SS501.

Shindong: We just got many new messages from our listeners. One says, “I feel great now that I have heard this song!” And by the way, I heard that there is this episode that Jung-min would like to share with us, right?

Jung-min: We did our first comeback broadcast in “K” broadcasting station and when singers finish their rehearsals, they usually go back to the green room. But when it was time for us to rehearse on stage, we saw Super Junior who finished rehearsing before us seating in the front row seats. And there were these crowds of people around them. [Laugh]

Shindong: It’s because, sometimes, we like to see how other groups are rehearsing on stage. [laugh] Although other singers are our colleagues, they can be our competitors too.

Jung-min: I still remember Kim, Hee-chul wearing that sunglass and gazing at us from the front row. [laugh]

Young-saeng: I’m always worried about the first comeback stage because even if we try hard but we don’t end up pleasing the crowds with our performance, they might be very disappointing. On the other hand, if we don’t try hard and just cost through the performance, people might think that we’re saving to show in live broadcasting. [Laugh]

Shindong: How was it for you, Hyun-joong?

Hyun-joong: For me, I always try to show my best as if it was live broadcasting.

Shindong: I can see that you always try the hardest.

Hyun-joong: Yes, I always try to do my best…like when I’m on the stage. I try to show my strong power so that I can press that energy down below the stage.

Shindong: You’re okay now, right? [laugh]

Everyone: [Laugh]

Shindong: I think you said, “like this” seven times…[laugh]

Shindong: You are listening to “Shim-shim tapa” with SS501 as special guests today. I heard that it’s your 5th year anniversary! Congratulation! And I must ask that what had changed since your debut five years ago? How about you Kyu-jong? It can be personal thing or anything.

Kyu-jong: First of all, I’ve became taller since five years ago.

Shindong: How much did you grow?

Kyu jong: I think around 2-3cm.

Shindong: 2-3cm plus slipsole will be….[laugh]

Kyu-jong: First of all, I think I gained more confidence in myself. I had somewhat reserved personality before but with the help from other members, I now became more outgoing. I also gained confidence in my singing too.

Shindong: Is that so? How about you Young-saeng? What kind of an environment change do you have?

Young-saeng: Hm…first of all, I live in a bigger house now. [laugh] And my company family (co-workers) had been replaced.

Shindong: Really?

Young-saeng: Yes, people who worked when I first debuted are no longer in the company.

Shindong: There must be two reasons. First one is that they have left because they couldn’t put up with you guys or they left for better working positions. [Laugh]

Shindong: Continuing on, how about you Hyun-joong? Is there any mental change in members? How do you think about that as a leader?

Hyun-joong: If they began training under the pressure before, I’d say that they have more passion towards what they are doing now and looks as they are doing this because they want to rather than they have to.

Kyu-ri: Is that mean that the educational system has changed too? [laugh]

Shindong: That’s true though. When you are a new to the industry, no matter how much passion you have, you still must learn to grasp the no-hows through the experience in order to succeed. You agree, right?

Hyun-joong: Yes. [laugh] In the other word, members have learned to keep their position.

Shindong: It seems like it got more difficult to understand. [laugh]

Hyun-joong: When you are new, you try to climb to the top but now that you have became somewhat big part in the industry, you try to keep that position.

Shindong: How about you Hyung-joon? Are there any changes to your family or friends?

Hyung-joon: My family also gained confidence in them just like me.

Everyone: [Laugh]

Hyung-joon: Like my mother and my brother for instance, when they go out, they try to look good in themselves and they also carry this energetic force in them. My mom speaks in confidence like this, [act out] when she goes out in a supermarket. Basically, my family had acquired more confidence in them.

Shindong: That’s true though. A part of an entertainer’s job is to give their family a boost of confidence. Okay, what questions shall we ask to Jung-min?

Kyu-ri: Is there any change to your fans?

Shindong: Yes, change to your fans since five years ago?

Jung-min: Well, they gained a bit more weight. [laugh] Our fans were younger like in their high school years when we first debuted. For instance, today when I went into another broadcasting station to record a radio program, I happen to run across one of our long time fan and she told me that she was our fan five years ago but now she’s working for “K” broadcasting station. I remembered her to be very skinny back then but now she became bit chubbier than I remembered.

Shindong: That’s right. Then let me ask a meaningful question to you guys at this point. What was a driving force that made you guys to come all the way to this point, five years of a singing career? Let me hear from Young-saeng first?

Young-saeng: It’s a bit difficult question to answer…[laugh] It may be an obvious answer but I believe it was our fans that made us to this far. No matter what kind of programs or shows we do, it’s not just our performances but it’s our fans’ support that really creates that show. I guess that had driven us to stay in this industry for five years now.

Kyu-ri: What do you think about that as a leader Hyun-joong?

Hyun-joong: What?

Kyu-ri: SS501’s driving force.

Hyun-joong: I think it was a desire of our fans and ourselves.

Shindong: A desire?

Hyun-joong: Yes, a desire for the next album.

Shindong & Kyuri: Ah…I see.

Hyun-joong: Yes, their desire for the 2nd album had made us to produce many mini albums so far.

Hyun-joong: Therefore, we will consider releasing the 2nd album. [laugh]

Shindong: I see. At this time, with that desire in our minds, we’ll hear another song by SS501. What song shall we hear Kyu-ri?

Kyu-ri: We’ll hear one of the tracks for their new album, “Let Me Be the One”.

Shindong: Can you briefly explain about this song?

Young-saeng: Yes, this song is an RnB style music…It’s just great song but it’s much better to hear on the stage because we have an intense choreography that go along as we sing.

Shindong & Kyu-ri: It’s “Let Me Be the One” by SS501.

Shindong: It was “Let Me Be the One” by SS501. We got a message and it says, “The song and its lyrics are great! I feel like getting a love confession!”

Kyu-ri: So the song is about confession a love to a girl, right?

Jung-min: Yes, it’s about confessing a love.

Shindong: We are here with SS501 as special guests today.

Kyu-ri: At this time, we are going to talk about and listen to several songs that make up the five year history of SS501.

Shindong: It’s a time for SS501’s Best Song!!

Kyu-ri: We are going to listen to each member’s best pick of SS501’s song during the past five years and talk about that song and some of episodes that happened during that time.

Shindong: Yes, before the broadcast, we have already surveyed each member of their best songs so now we’re going to listen to what songs they have chosen and talk about it.

Kyu-ri: Here comes the first best song that they have chosen.

Shindong: I haven’t heard this song in a long time.

Kyu-ri: Why don’t you talk about this song Hyun-joong?

Hyun-joong: This song was our first ballad song in our mini album.

Shindong: What’s the title of the song?

Hyun-joong: It’s called “Never Again”. But I have recently realized that this is the best song for me. I was talking to my friend Ju-hwan and I learned that he has been listening to “Never Again” for all these five years. And at that moment, I realized that this has to be the best song.

Shindong: You have realized it through your friend? [laugh]

Hyun-joong: So I wanted to sing this song for him someday and say thank you.

Shindong: Why don’t you say something to your friend through this radio right now?

Hyun-joong: “Ju-hwan, this song is for you and I hope you enjoy it.” He’s not really an emotional person and for a person like him to love this song that much, this song must be really the one of the best song.

Shindong: This is the song. Let’s hear little bit more.

Shindong: Here’s the second song. Who has chosen this song?

Young-saeng: I’ve chosen this song. It’s a song from our formal 1’st album and it’s called, “The Wings of the World”. When I was asked what my best song was, this song just popped in my head without any reason. And also during one of our concert, a long time ago, we sang this as our ending song and I was so enraptured into this song that I shed tears as I sang this song. Also, when we had an Encor Concert in Seoul this year, our fans had made this video for us and this song played as a main background during the video. So basically, this song has many memories of our past.

Kyu-ri: So it’s a meaningful song.

Kyu-ri: What’s the third best song for SS501?

Kyu-jong: This is a song picked by me. It’s actually a song in our new album and it’s called, “Forever”. Although we had many nice songs in the past, I thought that this is one of the great songs and I wanted to recommend to our fans. It’s also written by Young-saeng. Other members also have agreed that this is the one of the best song in the album with a great emotion carried throughout the song. Therefore, I listen to this song every night before I go to sleep. I agree with other members that this song is sentimental and I think the lyrics are beautiful.

Shindong: I guess Kyu-jong is raising a value of Young-saeng’s copyright for this song. Let’s hear a bit more now.

Shindong: Here comes the next song and someone just laughed as this song came up. [laugh]

Jung-min: I was bit bothered when you mentioned copyright. [laugh] Because I participated in writing this song. This song was included in our Solo Collection, which the solo collection had given us each member an opportunity to express our individual characteristic and therefore I believe this can be the best song although I wanted to choose the whole album.

Jung-min: Yes, I just think it’s a great song and shall we hear little more of this song? [laugh]

Shindong: Here comes the last song, and is this Hyung-joon’s choice?

Hyung-joon: Yes, it’s the one that I’ve chosen.

Shindong: And why did you choose this song?

Hyung-joon: This is a song called, “Your Man” and during this period, some of our members including Hyun-joong was doing some other individual work so the rest of three members including myself had decided to take this chance to create an album just among three of us and this “Your Man” is the song. And it was a hit too!

Shindong: Yes, I also remember that your dance was a hit as well!

Hyung-joon: It was the first time we sang this kind of music style and we really liked it.

Jung-min: While other two members were busy doing work, this song really saved the rest of us. [laugh]

Shindong: [Indiscernible]

Shindong: So that’s it for the best song’s picked by SS501!

Kyu-ri: Let me ask you this. Among all these songs that were chosen by each one of you, which song do you guys agree as a whole for the best song?

Shindong: Yes, I wonder too.

Jung-min: Number four. [laugh]

Shindong: But our listeners have picked all of them as their best songs. Here is a message from one of our listeners and it says, “Every SS501’s song is our best song!” But the best song picked by the managers outside the studio was…number five!

Kyu-ri: What is the best song for you guys?

Shindong: Yes, I wonder too. Actually, this kind of stuff has to be picked by the leader. Can you pick one Hyun-joong?

Hyun-joong: Do I have to pick among these five songs?

Shindong: No, you can choose other song if you wish.

Hyun-joong: Well then, the best of the best song chosen by SS501 is… “Warning”. It’s a song that made the birth of SS501.

Shindong: Yes, that’s right. We will play this song at the end of the show when SS501 is leaving the studio. But right now, we have something to do, right? We have this corner called, “Text Follow” for Shim-shim Tapa’s Tuesday.

Kyu-ri: But since we have SS501 with us today, we’ll not be able to do “Text Follow” today. But we will still carry out our regular corner called “Follow Lotto” with SS501!

Shindong: What we will be doing is that SS501’s each member will choose a ball number that we have randomly provided.

Kyu-ri: And one listener whose last four of his/her cell phone number exactly matches the four numbers picked by SS501 will get prize of a digital camera plus a hand signed SS501’s CD!

Shindong: Yes, the prize will go to the first person to text us whose last four of his/her cell phone number exactly matches the numbers we pick. But if we don’t have anyone whose numbers match, we will still give a prize to one listener whose last one number of their cell phone matches any of the numbers that we pick. But! If we get a match from any one of you, we will have to let your number out to the public.

Hyun-joong: Last four numbers of our cell phone?

Shindong: It should be okay since we’re letting out only your last four numbers, right?

Hyun-joong: I can let out my whole numbers.

Everyone: [Laugh]

Shindong: Okay, so we’ll pick numbers right now. Why don’t you pick the first number Hyun-joong?

Kyu-ri: A lucky number!


Shindong: The ball has finally come out. What number could it be?

Hyun-joong: I got two numbers.

Shindong: [laugh]

Shindong: It’s number six! Next will be Young-saeng’s turn!

Shindong: What number is Young-saeng going to pick?

Kyu-ri: Which number is it?

Shindong: It’s number three! So far, it’s 63.

Shindong: You may get nervous now. It’s Hyung-joon’s turn.

Shindong: It’s number five! So far, it’s 635. We have one more number to go.

Shindong: The last number will be picked by Kyu-jong.

Shindong: What number would it be?

Kyu-ri: He picked two.

Jung-min: I will go with the number on the left since I’m right handed.

Shindong: It’s number three! So we have number 6353! Please text us right now if your last four of your cell phone number is 6353!

Shindong: Wait, we already got a text from 6353 number! Let’s see what it says!

Kyu-ri: It says, “Shindong and Kyu-ri, did you guys had hard time in your high school years just like I’m having? I need some word of a comfort that can cheer me up….”

Shindong: Yes, we’re going to send you a digital camera and a hand signed SS501’s CD! Congratulation!

Shindong: Do any of you guys have similar numbers?

Kyu-ri: No one?

Kyu-jong: No, maybe one or two matching numbers but not close.

Shindong: So that was it! We have given out our prize for today and it’s already a time to wrap up.

Kyu-ri: So how was today for you guys?

Hyun-joong: Yes, it was fun today.

Shindong: Which did you like the most?

Hyun-joong: [silent] I liked everything.

Shindong: [laugh] But it sounded like, “nothing” to me. [laugh]

Hyun-joong: No really, I liked everything. I also have to say that Kyu-ri has nice voice just like an announcer.

Jung-min: Please answer, please answer.

Shindong & Kyuri: Hello! This is Shindong and Kyuri from Shim-shim tapa!

Shindong: Hello?

Caller: Hello.

Shindong: Hi, this is from Shim-shim tapa.

Jung-min: Did you stop the car?

Shindong: Hello?

Caller: Yes.

Shindong: Is your phone number 1594?

Caller: Yes.

Shindong: This is MBC radio, Shim-shim tapa.

Kyu-ri: Did you text to Shim-shim tapa today?

Caller: Yes, I did.

Shindong: Good~ Hello! Are you driving right now?

Caller: Yes, I’m driving right now.

Shindong: Are you using an earphone?

Caller: Yes.

Shindong: Good. But it’s always safe to stop the car while talking on the
phone. Anyways, congratulation! Where are you going right now?

Caller: I’m going to [indiscernible]

Shindong: You have requested “Mask Play” by Buck, right?

Caller: Yes.

Shindong: We will play that song for you in a moment.

Jung-min: Is there a particular reason why you have chosen that song?

Caller: I just needed a fast music to keep me awake.

Shindong: Ah…Jung-min, why don’t you give him energy so that he can stay awake while driving?

Jung-min: [Shouting]

Shindong: Did he wake you up?

Caller: Yes, yes.

Shindong: Well, please continue to support Shim-shim tapa.

Kyu-ri: And please drive safely.

Shindong: Thank you again and here is “Mask Play” by Buck.

Caller: Thank you!

Shindong: It was “Mask Play” by Buck.

Kyu-ri: We didn’t have a chance to ask anything about him, right? We had to make the call short because we wanted him to drive safely although he said he was using an earphone.

Shindong: That’s right. Also, I heard it’s pretty dangerous to stop the car in a highway so we had to make that call short. If you’re listening to us, please drive safely.

Jung-min: Yes, it’s not right to talk on the phone while driving.

Shindong: You’ll also get a ticket.

Jung-min: That’s right. I will catch you for that.

Shindong: Okay, we’ll be back after a snack time!

Shindong: Hello hungry Shim-shim tapa family!

Kyu-ri: We have brought tasty snacks for you guys!

Shindong: Let’s see what snacks we have today, shall we?

Everyone: [Reading sponsors advertisements]

Kyu-ri: Alright, it’s time to play another song for you guys.

Shindong: Which song are we going to play?

Jung-min: It’s “I love you O Thank You” by MC Mong.

Shindong: It’s a night snack time for Shim-shim tapa!

Kyu-ri: Let’s meet our Shim-shim tapa family who are asking for a snack tonight!

Shindong: Here is the first candidate!

Jung-min: [reading message] Please send snacks to Im-myung girls high school seniors, so they can do well on their tests.

Kyu-ri: Here’s the second candidate. Please send snacks to our Byung-woon high school seniors who stay up till late night these days to study for tests.

Shindong: Here’s our third candidate. Please send snacks to Su-hee high school’s Musical Club students who are working hard these days for a musical they are preparing.

Jung-min: Here’s our fourth candidate. Please send snacks to Gwacheon High school students who have done well on the athletic games.

Shindong: Alright, which candidate shall we award snacks to? Kyu-ri, please tell us who it will be!

Kyu-ri: Yes, I have chosen who it will be. I choose to give snacks to Musical Club students!

Shindong: One more please!

Jung-min: Okay, I choose to give snacks to our first candidate, Im-Myung high school students!

Shindong: Okay, we will be sending snacks to ones that were picked.

Kyu-ri: And we’ll also send out barley drink, “McCol”.

Shindong: That’s it for the snack time!

Kyu-ri: And we’ll be back tomorrow again with more snack time! Bye-bye!

Shindong: Wow, it’s time to wrap up already! Let’s tell them what we have them for tomorrow.

Kyu-ri: We will be having Eight and Suh, In-kook in our studio tomorrow so please be back with us tomorrow!

Shindong: And thank you so much today Jung-min.

Jung-min: I enjoy listening to Shim-shim tapa and I’m just glad that I got to stay for the whole show.

Kyu-ri: You must really like our show. [Laugh]

Jung-min: I really had good time today.

Kyu-ri: Please be back again sometime.

Jung-min: Yes, I’ll come visit whenever I have time.

Shindong: Okay, let’s say good bye now!

Everyone: It was Shindong, Kyu-ri and Jung-min from Shim-shim tapa! See you tomorrow!

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