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[2010.06.08] SS501 @ KBS Cool FM Radio Show *ENG TRANS*

Although Leader's story about the shower wasn't that interesting, I was still laughing, especially when the other members were trying to 'pour cold water' on him... and he promised to appear as guest host for a day on the show..? Really ah.. we shall wait and see yah.. ^^

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Radio host: I feel like smiling today without realizing myself and I feel like forgiving everything and I feel like being deeply moved over a little thing. I’m sure everyone would feel peace upon them when seeing these men. So I hope that one day BBC, CNN, Discovery and many other global channels would broadcast these men everyday so may joy and peace abide in us all.

Radio host: They have delivered peace in Asia through their Asia Tour but today they are delivering peace to me at this time. Welcome SS501!

SS501 [Everyone clapping]: Hello, we’re SS501!

Radio host: We have missed you so much! I have been wondering what you guys were doing all this time. When I was eating, I wondered if SS501 is eating well, and when I was sleeping, I wondered if SS501 is sleeping well. Also, when I was walking down the street, I wondered if SS501 would be walking the street just like me. Can you guys each give greetings to our listeners?

Young-saeng: Hello, this is Young-saeng from SS501. This is the first radio broadcasting in 7 months and it feels bit awkward but great too.

Radio host: Oh really? Please make yourself at home.

Young-saeng: Yes, I’m trying to…

Radio host: Then, what’s bit awkward about it?

Young-saeng: I guess it’s just been too long.

Radio host: Because it’s been a while since you guys did a radio show, right? Just pretend that you’re visiting my place, okay? You can even lie down if you wish if that would make you comfortable.

Young-saeng: It’ just everything feels new around here.

Radio host: I see…but this is not the first time for you. Alright, how about Jung-min?

Jung-min: Yes, this is Jung-min from SS501. I also feel bit tense as it has been awhile since we’ve done a radio live broadcasting and I’m bit worried that I would make mistake today.

Radio host: I see. I hope there would be no mistake today as it’s crackdown period.

Jung-min: I will just be careful.

Radio host: Okay, Hyung-joon?

Hyung-joon: Hello, this is Hyung-joon from SS501. Yes, it’s been a while but I’m not nervous at all.

Radio host: Oh really?

Hyung-joon: I’m used to it as I’m a DJ myself. [laughing]

Radio host: Right, right. You’re a DJ for other radio program airing at two in the morning, right?

Hyung-joon: Yes.

Radio host: Since you’re also a DJ, how would you evaluate my DJ skill?

Hyung-joon: I wouldn’t dare to evaluate your skills as I’m just a beginner. It’s only been over a year for me.

Radio host: I see. But that’s still a long time.

Hyung-joon: By the way, you look great today.

Radio host [Laughing]: Thank you. Anyways, this is DJ Hyung-joon who fell into my beauty.

Radio host: We have not been able to see you guys for a while, what have you guys been doing?

Young-saeng: Well, we’ve been resting at home and also touring the Asia for Asia Tour.

Radio host: I see. Which part of Asia did you guys tour?

Young-saeng: Um…Where did we go?

Jung-min: Taiwan, Thailand.

Radio host: Taiwan and Thailand.

Hyung-joon: Taiwan, Hong Kong, Shanghai China and Japan…

Radio host: Which among those countries or cities had the biggest response to you guys?

Jung-min: Well, it all differed for each country.

Hyung-joon: For example, in Japan…

Jung-min: Like in Japan…

Radio host: Is there a certain member who has more popularity in Japan?

Hyung-joon: Not really, we pretty much have the same popularity but may by differ just a bit.

Radio host: Can you explain a little bit for us?

Jung-min: Me? [laughing]

Radio host: Since there are only three of you.

Jung-min: I don’t want to. [laughing]

Hyung-joon: You mean a member who has more popularity?

Radio host: No, a country where you guys have the highest popularity.

Hyung-joon: Oh, in my personal view, I think we have the highest popularity in our country.

Radio host: Ah, in Korea. How about in other country except Korea?

Hyung-joon: Then, I would say it’s Taiwan but our popularity is sky rocketing in other parts of China as well.

Radio host: Ah, I see.

Jung-min: As you can see, some Taiwan fans are here today.

Hyung-joon: Yes, they’ve came to see us today.

Radio host: Yes, I can see that you guys are a global singing group who’s making us all proud. With that in mind, we’re going to start our show today and if you have any questions that you’d like to ask SS501, please text us at #8910. There are two members who have not arrived in the studio yet. Who are they?

SS501 Hyun-joong and Kyu-jong.

Radio host: I heard that they will be arriving here shortly. So let’s listen to a song while waiting for them to get here.

Jung-min: Which song should we play?

Radio host: Love Ya.

Hyung-joon: Ah, that’s our title song for this album.

Radio host: Yes, we’re going to play a title song, Love Ya.

Radio host: You were just listening to Love Ya. It’s very fascinating song!

Hyung-joon: You can feel yourself filled with emotion, right?

Radio host: Yes, I can feel my emotion as if I need to give some kick. It feels like very tough song.

Hyung-joon: That’s right. Our concept is somewhat tough as well.

Radio host: I can feel that this summer will be cool with this song.

Jung-min: Thank you.

Radio host: You’ve also release a mini album not long ago, right? Can you speak about it shortly?

Hyung-joon: Hm… I would just have to say that it’s going to be a hit.

Radio host: Ah…

Hyung-joon: Just a hit.

Radio host: That’s really short. Can you explain it longer?

Hyung-joon: Just~~~~~~a hit~~~~

Radio host: [Laughing] not like that….

Hyung-joon: Our music is not always set for a specific style. So this time around, we decided to do a music somewhat fit for an idol group by showing more stage performances. But our album is composed of mostly a ballad style.

Jung-min: Also, we’ve decided to go back to the basics of music and work with more piano and use that as a base rather than electronic music.

Radio host: I see. Do you want to add anything, Young-saeng?

Young-saeng: Well, it’s exactly like what other members said…it’s just great.

Radio host: I see. But you shouldn’t forget that you’re one of the members too.

Young-saeng: Well, it’s just that I can’t really see anything since this monitor is blocking the view.

Radio host: You feel somewhat isolated, right?

Young-saeng: Yes, It feels somewhat empty here.

Radio host: Are you bored?

Young-saeng: No, I’m okay. I’m reading all these texts and messages in the website and some of them are quite funny.

Radio host: Yes, I know. I see that the album jacket is out of the common. You guys are wearing a mesh type of clothes and using gloves and scorpions as props.

Radio host: Somewhat provocative.

Jung-min: I don’t know if I can use this word on air, but our concept is about symbolizing sex and erotic.

Radio host: So whose idea was it?

Jung-min: Um…[Indiscernible]

Radio host: I’ve noticed that the stage costumes are the talk of the town as well. Being that said, Kyu-jong and Hyun-joong has just arrived to the studio.

SS501 [Clapping]

Radio host: Welcome! What took it so long?

Hyun-joong: Yes, I apologize for being late. The road was jammed do to an accident.

Radio host: Yes, I heard that there was an accident in an Olympic Road and therefore, I had to take another road to the studio myself. Anyways, we’re glad that you made it here.

Everyone [Clapping]

Radio host: Please say hello to the listeners who had been waiting for you guys all this time.

Kyu-jong: Hello, this is Kyu-jong from SS501. I apologize for being late to the studio as we have been having some problems on the road. I’m sorry to keep you guys waiting.

Hyun-joong: Hi, this is Hyun-joong from SS501. I apologize once again for being late and to make it up to you guys, I have prepared many fun stories to keep you guys entertained for the rest of the broadcast.

Radio host: Oh, shall we begin with one story for now?

Hyun-joong: I was taking a shower last night and there are three ways which the shower head jets out the water. A is where the water jets out from top to down.

Radio host: From top to down.

Hyun-joong: Yes.

Radio host: Just like a regular shower?

Hyun-joong: Yes, just like a regular shower. And the B is where the water jets out like a spray…through the hose…

Radio host: There is a hose in the shower?

Hyun-joong: I mean a type where you hold the shower head to use it.

Radio host: You mean like a moveable shower head, right?

Hyun-joong: Yes, and the C is where the water jets out in a straight form from six holes in the shower head.

Kyu-jong: You must be living in a luxurious house.

Hyun-joong: You know where the water stream is very pricking. Anyways, yesterday we didn’t have hot water running…and my friends came to visit me yesterday…

Radio host: I must interrupt that we’re running out of time so we will hear the rest of the shower story when we come back.

Radio host: You are here with SS501 today. I can see that the message board is getting filled up with messages from our listeners and we all can’t wait to hear the continuous shower story. Let me summarize the story briefly here. So there are three types of shower in Hyun-joong’s house…

Hyun-joong: No, it’s a one shower head with three different ways for jetting out water.

Radio host: Alright, what don’t you explain that part again?

Hyun-joong: So the A type is just like a regular shower where the water jets out in a normal way from the shower head and the B type is where the water jets down like a spray from a moveable shower head…

Radio host: One that’s not attached to the wall.

Hyun-joong: And the C type is where the six stream of water jets out a from the shower head which is for the massage feature.

Radio host: I didn’t know there was a feature like that.

Hyun-joong:Yes, several streams of water with prickling water pressure.

Radio host: So the water jets out in six streams of water?

Hyun-joong: Yes, and I usually sets my shower to the B type where I can hold the shower head when showering. But yesterday, no, it’s actually the day before yesterday when my friends came over for my birthday, one of my friend took shower at my place but he moved the setting to A.

Radio host: But you only use the B type, right?

Hyun-joong: Yes, but in order to move the water setting back to B, I have to turn the handle where it passes A and C setting before getting to the B.

Radio host: I’m beginning to wonder when this story would reach the climax.

Hyun-joong: It’s getting there.

Radio host: Is it?

Young-saeng: Don’t tell me that the cold water came out and it’s the end of the story.

Hyun-joong: No, no.

Radio host: We have tons of questions to ask from our listeners so it would help if you can accelerate your story a little bit.

Hyun-joong: So anyways, you know that it takes some time for the hot water to run after you’ve turn on the water, right? So I thought that I could use that time to use that toilet while waiting for the hot water to run. So after I’ve used the toilet and came back to the shower, the shower was in a C setting because I’ve turned the handle to C before going over to use the toilet. And the hot streams of prickling water jetted out from the shower head so I naturally stepped out from the shower booth because it was too hot. But I had to take a shower, so I stepped back into the booth not being able to get close to the water stream and spending 15 minutes in the shower trying to move the handle back to the B setting.

Hyung-joon: Oh my god. Don’t tell me this is end of your story.

Jung-min: You could have made the story little more interesting.

Radio host: No, that’s okay. We’ve learned a lot from the story. That Hyun-joong likes B setting in his shower and his friends come over and take shower at his place.

Hyun-joong: I’m sorry that it was not very interesting.

Jung-min: Why am I keep getting this imagination in my head? [laughing]

Hyung-joon: We should move on to questions and answers.

Radio host: Yes, let’s move on to a slightly different note. Shall we?

SS501 [Clapping]:Yeah!

Radio host: Yes, you are here with SS501 right now. I know that you guys have been together a long time now since the creation of the team. Since Kyu-jong and Hyun-joong were late together, I naturally thought that you two are living together but I just found out that you guys don’t, am I right?

Hyun-joong: That’s right.

Radio host: But when you guys go on a tour overseas, you all have to stay at the same place whether you like it or not. But is there a particular member who is very adaptable to a new environment?

Hyung-joon: One who has fast adaptability?

Radio host: Yes, one who adapts well in a foreign country.

Kyu-jong: Well, although the cultural difference may be the issue, the language is the first thing that we must adapt when going to any foreign countries.

Radio host: Sure is.

Kyu-jong: And there is a member who speaks foreign language.

Radio host: Ah, Jung-min.

Hyung-joon: [In English] And me! Hi!

Radio host: And you as well?

Hyung-joon: [In English] And me, hi, thank you.

Radio host: Well at least, Hyung-joon is confident enough to speak out few sentences. So
Jung-min, can we hear your foreign language skills?

Jung-min: In which language?

Radio host Anything, you can speak Chinese, Japanese or anything you’d like to speak.

Jung-min: Okay. When you ask, “what’s this” or “what’s that” in Chinese, you say [speaks Chinese]. And in Japanese, you say [speaks Japanese]. Basically, I begin learning foreign languages by speaking these easy sentences like what’s this and what’s that.

Radio host: I see. I’m sure you get an opportunity to interact with fans more if you know how to speak their languages, right?

Jung-min: Of course. But once you show them that you can speak their language, they start pouring all these questions…

Radio host: Thinking that you can speak their language very well.

Jung-min: Yes, and sometimes that puts me in the hot seat but I’m still thankful to them.

Radio host: I understand. A long time back, I stopped over to Germany during my flight, and one man helped me with something so I wanted to say thank you. I could have just said “Thank you” in English but I said “Merci” in French. Because as you know, it looks somewhat intellectual when Asian woman speaks. But then, when he heard French from me, he became so glad that he met someone from his country and start speaking French to me. So basically, I understand that sometimes, speaking foreign languages puts you in the hot seat. But, it’s really great that you guys have the confidence to speak their language when you are out in a foreign country. Why don’t you speak something in a foreign language too, Hyung-joon?

Hyung-joon: [In English] Yes?

Radio host: Hm…I see which level you are on. [Laughing]

Radio host: Okay, we’ll be back for more questions and answers after this song, ‘Let Me Be The One’ by SS501.

Radio host: It was ‘Let Me Be The One’ by SS501. By the way, you guys are all tall!

Hyung-joon: I’m 186cm tall.

Radio host: Don’t lie. But I think the average height for SS501 is around 181cm or 182cm.

Radio host: Are you about 180cm tall, Hyun-joong?

Hyun-joong: I’m 181cm and Kyu-jong is 182cm.

Radio host: Everyone is tall. I think Jung-min is the tallest one.

Hyung-joon: He’s 187cm tall. [Laugh]

Jung-min: No, I’m only around 181cm or 182cm.

Radio host: Oh really?

Hyung-joon: It was possible for our average height to be 182cm because I’m 185cm tall. [Laugh]

Radio host: I think you can take some time off here. But don’t go home yet. [Laugh] Anyways, there is a picture of Hyun-joong playing a soccer going around the internet, did you know that?

Hyun-joong: Yes, I’ve noticed.

Radio host: Are you a member of the soccer club?

Hyun-joong: Yes, I’m a member of three different soccer clubs right now.

Radio host: Three? Really?

Hyun-joong: Yes.

Radio host: You must really like to play soccer.

Hyun-joong: Yes….but even if I tell who’s in the club, no one would know who they are.

Radio host: Go ahead, tell us.

Hyun-joong: One is a soccer club that I have joined with my friend Hee-une.

Radio host: Okay, one club joined with a friend named Hee-une.

Hyun-joong: And the second one is a celebrity soccer club. And the last one is a soccer club run by Sung-il.

Radio host: One run by Sung-il. Alright, so we’ve found out that he is joined in three different soccer clubs.

Radio host: Okay, now that the World Cup is about to start soon, can you give us some of your viewpoint on the World Cup this year?

Hyun-joong: Well, I know that everyone in Korea is filled with eagerness and some expectations and this Saturday, we’ll be playing against the Greece. But honestly for me, I don’t feel that much tension as I did in the year 2002 or 2006.

Radio host: Ah…and why do you think that is?

Hyun-joong: So I thought about it deeply with my trainer Sang-duck

Radio host: With Sang-duk the trainer.

Kyu-jong: He has an English name.

Hyun-joong: Yes, Sander.

Radio host: Sander, huh?

Young-saeng: Yes, he introduced himself as Sander when we first met, but we’ve found out that his real name is Sang-duk.

Everyone [Laugh]

Hyun-joong: Anyways, the reason I don’t feel much tension this year is because we’re not hosting this year’s World Cup.

Radio host: Well, everyone knows that without having to think hard.

Hyun-joong: But I had to think deep for this.

Radio host: Okay, we’ll end the story here then.

Radio host: I heard that Kim, Gu-ra has been looking for Young-saeng for a quite some time and you two met finally, right?

Young-saeng: Yes, we did.

Radio host: Why has been Kim, Gu-ra desperately looking for Young-saeng?

Hyung-joon: Kim, Gu-ra really likes Young-saeng. He always asks where Young-saeng is and tells us to call Young-saeng to come by and such.

Radio host: How do you feel getting all this love from Kim, Gu-ra?

Young-saeng: Well, it’s good but honestly, I don’t know him very well. After broadcasting a program with Kim, Gu-ra, many people tell me that I’ve been talking a lot in the show, which is unusual. And I guess it’s because Kim, Gu-ra asks me so many questions that I end up speaking a lot in that show.

Radio host: I see. I think Kim, Gu-ra really likes Young-saeng.

Young-saeng: Yes, I think so.

Radio host: Does it treat you like a baby? Putting you on his lap and such?

Young-saeng: No, not that.

Radio host: What do you guys talk about?

Young-saeng: Nothing special.

Radio host: I guess you become little shy when you actually see him.

Radio host: Anyways, we just have been wondering what kind of person Kim, Gu-ra is who’s very interested in Young-saeng.

Hyung-joon: A scary guy.

Radio host: Kyu-jong, I heard that you like to touch people around you when you’re happy, is that true?

Kyu-jong: Me? [Laugh]

Radio host: I heard Young-saeng speak about it. Is that true?

Kyu-jong: I just like to put arms around the shoulder or pat head and stuff.

Hyung-joon: Why don’t you mention that you’ve touched my hips?

Radio host: So, you do habitually touch people.

Kyu-jong: I guess I have. [Laugh]

Radio host: Well, I heard that you are the whiz of a financial technology, is that true Jung-min?

Jung-min: [Laugh] Yes

Radio host: How do you plan your financial technology?

Jung-min: But I’ve gone bankrupt now. [Laugh]

Everyone [Laugh]

Kyu-jong: I think you should omit the word “whiz”.

Jung-min: Yes, I started this business and I’m still investing on it.

Radio host: And I’m sure the time of a success will come someday.

Jung-min: Yes, I think so too. [Laugh]

Radio host: Keep the steam up.

Radio host: I heard that Hyung-joon is full of ambitious, is that true? Tell us about a one ambition that you would like to achieve.

Hyung-joon: First of all, I think there are several things that I can live my life as Kim, Hyung-joon. First is a singer Hyung-joon, next is a DJ Hyung-joon…

Radio host: A singer and a DJ….

Hyung-joon: Yes, and the last is the most stand out member in SS501. I’m trying to establish a self image so I can achieve all these three ambitions.

Radio host: So it’s a dream which have not achieved yet.

Hyung-joon: Actually, it’s getting there. People begin to recognize me more these day.

Radio host: Hm…it’s been a while since you debuted and people just recognize you these days after all this year? [Laugh]

Radio host: The last question is to Hyun-joong. What is Kara to SS501?

SS501 [Laugh]

Hyun-joong: To SS501, Kara is like… a shining jewel among many idol girls group in Korea.

Radio host: Ah~~~

Hyun-joong: That sounds too formal.

Radio host: There are numerous idol groups but among them, Kara is special like a shining jewel.

Hyun-joong: Kara members look much prettier without any make-up on.

Radio host: But who do you think is the prettiest one among them?

Hyun-joong: I think Ji-young looks prettier without the make-up.

Radio host: We are certainly mentioning many names today like Hee-une, Sang-duk, Ji-young and Sung-il. Well it was just a question from me to you guys since you two groups belong in a same entertainment company. I wish you guys a continuous friendship with Kara.

Radio host: And today is the 5th anniversary of SS501!

Everyone [Clapping]

Radio host: I want to congratulate you guys for the 5th anniversary and I wish you all a continuous success. And you’re always welcome on our radio broadcast.

Jung-min: [Laugh] [don’t really know why he’s laughing but I guess there is something that we can’t see in the studio that made him laugh]

Jung-min: I didn’t know the program is this short.

Radio host: Yes, we’re wrapping up. I can see that you guys want to stay here longer...

Hyun-joong: I want to say something.

Radio host: Yes?

Hyun-joong: A long time ago, we promised that we will make our first appearance on your radio program when our new album is released, but we have actually never kept that word.

Radio host: Yes, I remember.

Hyun-joong: So I want to apologize for taking this long to keep this promise and as long as you are hosting this radio program, we promise that we will appear ten more times on this show.

Radio host: It’s a promise, okay?

Hyun-joong: Yes.

Radio host: But, I think I may not be able to keep this job until then. [Laugh]

Everyone [Laugh]

Radio host: So you have to promise to appear ten more times within this year.

Hyun-joong: Yes, within this year.

Radio host: I’m carrying a baby right now. So it would be hard for me to keep the job after this year.

Hyun-joong: Are you quitting soon?

Radio host: I don’t know exactly when.

Hyun-joong: Okay, we will come back three times before you quit.

Radio host: I thought you said ten times?

Hyun-joong: I will be DJ for a day.

Radio host: That’s good idea. So you’ll be DJ for a day for three times. So now that you have made this promise on air, you have to keep your word and even your manager cannot do anything about it, got it? Anyways, thank you so much for being here today and we love SS501 forever. Here is ‘Forever’ by SS501. Thank you!

Everyone [Clapping]

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