Saturday, December 26, 2009

[Video] SS501 Persona Bangkok Promotion Clip

Credit: SSmariposa + Baidu/Tudou
Please repost with full credit.

091226 video for Bangok Personna

Credit: (English Translation) yourpeace @liezle's blog
Please repost with full credit.

SS501:Hi, we are SS501!

HJL: We are going to have the 1st concert in Thailand.

SS501: Yehh..... (claps their hands)

HJL: The concert will be held in Impact Arena and we would like to invite all of you to have fun with us.

JM: Yes, we hope that everyone will come for this Asia Tour Persona concert. We have prepared special things especially for Thai fans. Then we want everyone to come. As we will have concert at Impact, Kyu Jong said it will make great impact to everyone joining this concert.

Kyu Jong: YESsss..IMPACT!! ..(Fighting hand and laughs)

HJL: Accordingly, we want everyone coming join and having fun together. We really need to see Thai fans.

JM: Let show us "How much is your LOVE!!"

HJL: We are SS501, Thank You!

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