Thursday, December 24, 2009

[News] SS501 Kim Hyun Joong will not appear in “Sunday Sunday Night~ Hunter” anymore

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'Sunday Sunday Night ~ Hunter' controversial grasp, will be off air.

MBC 'Sunday Sunday Night ~ Hunter' hugh change in content. 'Sunday Sunday Night' start planning a new programs of prevent global warming to replace the wild boar war.

Since beginning to air on the 6th, 'Sunday Sunday Night ~ Hunter' is about capturing wild boar to prevent the destruction of the ecology. However, the crew encountered strong opposition from animal protection groups. As a result, the war with national 170,000 wild boar war changed from capturing wild boar to expelling boar. However, even though animal protection groups opposition is quiet down, program's aim become fuzzy and ratings is halved. That's why the war of wild boar 'Hunter' will be discontinued in the mid-January next year. The crews are planning new programs. The filming in Andong and North Gyeongsang Province Yi Ling are finished.

The original aim to protect the ecological environment, the 'Republic of Korea, eco-rescue mission' has not changed. Program's point of view just change from a wild boar war to prevent global warming, will build an Eco-house to live and challenge the living life without carbon dioxide. Original MC will not change, Lee Fai will be the main MC and Park Joon-gyu, Shin-hwan, Kim Kyula, Chul-Myounghoon, Jeong Younghwa, Goo Hala,etc. will continue to be there. Special guest Kim Hyun Joong will not appear anymore.

In addition to prevent global warming, the crew will be challenge more for protecting the ecological environment through the program 'Republic of Korea Eco-rescue mission'. Please continue to pay attention for the changes of 'Sunday Sunday Night'.

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