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[Info] Japanese TS blog talked about SS501 Kim Hyun Joong Japanese TV program “gourmet’s table” recording

Credit: mi-tan@Japanese blog + cagalikira@TSTW + (Chinese Translation) 妃茵@TSTW + (English Translation)
Please repost with full credit.

On the 26th, Leader recording Japanese TV program “gourmet’s table” dinner date
(Will be broadcast on January 5, 2010 as a New Year’s special program on Fuji Television)

Japanese TS mi-tan is one of the lucky person to be the audience of this show.
妃茵 sharing the key part of her blog as follow:

(*Japanese TS called Hyun Joong as Leader)

12/26 Japanese TV show ”Gourmet’s Table”
14:30 Lucky fans are waiting for admission outside the TV station
16:00 Fans enter the TV station control room,listening to the details of the show

Program Description:
4 Guests (Mr. Katsumata,Yuko Ogura,Ai Haruna,Mr. Jinnai) will give out the questions to fans who want to eat leader’s cooking dishes. The guests will stand on different position for different answers. Fans will need to go to the guests’ position to vote according to their preference using a small ball. Then, the questions about Kim Hyun Joong’s cooking dishes is revealed. One of the guests who is representing the correct answer and fan who have guessed the correct answer can the dishes cooked by leader.

16:30 Begin to record leader’s part
Fans wearing number entering the recording studio. Then, guests and MC Mr. Tian Cun and Miss Kato entering.
Guest Mr. Jinnai “Now I see him personally,really is very manly.”
Guest Yuko Ogura “he is very handsome,how old is he?” Very surprise after knowing leader’s age!
Guest Ai Haruna “I already become his fan ” There are laugher over the studio,full of love feeling scene.
Then, After MC introduce leader, screen start to play leader’s VCR. Leader finally enters with fans cheering.
There is a translator with him. Even though leader’s Japanese is not so good, his mature attitude show off his serious side even more.

First dish: Fried rice cake
Wearing simple skull apron, leader entering again. Seeing him cooking fried rice cake, make me think of the variety show “Thanks for waking me up” I have seen before. This time he seems to bring his own Korea sweet chili sauce. Leader is standing on the left side of the stage cooking. While he is cooking, he is also explain the detail, feeling very serious.

Second dish: Ginseng Chicken Soup
This dish seems to be done two days before, put in the warm pot and brought to the scene
During guessing game, no matter which side of the dish fans choose, leader would bring the dishes to their hand by himself. Sometimes put the foods on the dish. Sometimes need to bring the dishes to fans. He really is very gentleman. Bring out his natural boy’s temperament.
MC Mr. Tian Cun gave me a deep impression. He talked with fans very often. Also, he was afraid we would be cold so he asked the staff to lower the air condition. After recording of the show is finished, he even asked the fans who could eat leader’s cooking “You still want to eat, right?” Then, he asked the staff to give him a container, filled it with leader’s dishes and gave it to the fans “Bring it home to eat will taste even better.” Because I had not been drawn to eat the dishes, I didn’t know how good it is. However, both dishes seem very delicious.

18:30 Recording End
Fans exit the TV station and saw the black model car going to pick up leader coming from the ground parking lot. Leader waved to us and left with the car.
Because there are another two guests in the starting part of the show, leader’s part had only like around 15 minutes. Really hope the official broadcast can be a little bit longer.

PS: All the guests and MC name is just Transliteration

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