Wednesday, December 30, 2009

[Info] Hunan TV 2010 Count Down Program WITH Method to watch LIVE!

The boys would be performing @ Shenzhen, Windows of the World (世界之窗). I've been there before and it's really a big and nice place to explore. Hope the boys will have some time off to walk around the place there. ^^

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Hunan TV Count down Concert
湖南卫视 快乐跨年湖南卫视演唱会

Date: 31 December 2009
Time: 7.35pm
Venue: ShenZhen, Window of the World
Repeat Telecast: 1st Jan 2010 12.30pm

Link/Method to watch 湖南卫视 LIVE Online

1. Via PPLive
ღ Install PPLive
ღ1.1 Install the PPlive Plugin available on this Web to watch the Streaming on the below web
ღღ 搞清版=HD, 标清版=Standard

ღ1.2 Open your PPLive Player Search for 湖南卫视 (sorry currently still figuring it)
ღღ Under 正在直播 -> 全国电视台
ღღ Drop Down Menu: 湖南卫视 = Standard Version, 湖南卫视[高清] = HD Version

2. Via TvAntz
ღ Install TvAntz
ღ Open TVAntz Program, Search for 湖南卫视

3. Via TvchannelsFree (no software required)

4. Via Renlinyan (no software required)
ღ Right Panel, click the following:
ღღ 全国卫星频道 (3rd Row from left & 3rd column)
ღღ =卫星频道=
ღღ Choose either 湖南卫视 (8th from Top) or
ღღ 信号2 (alternative link2) or
ღღ 信号3 (alternative link3)

5. Via 蚂蚁 (no software required)

6. Via 卫星网络电视(no software required)

7. Via Hunan Official Website
PS: i did not try this method, as i had too much rubbish in my PC, i do not wan to install another program which i will use it for once/shorten my pc life =.=" i still wan to search for more SS501 stuff to share ok =)
ღ On the left Panel Select (i believe is this 2options) 卫视高清版(HD) or 卫视国际频道(International)
ღ Click on the Screen or MANGO TV Program to install the MANGO TV Program to View

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