Tuesday, December 22, 2009

[Fan Account] SS501 ~ 2nd Christmas Show - Q&A Session

Credit: JapanTS blog + (Chinese Translation) 妃茵@TripleSTW.com + (English Translation) SS501UFO.blogspot.com
Please repost with full credit.

MC: Would you wear something that you girl friend give to you during Christmas?
(All of them selected 'X', except for Young Saeng 'O')

Young Saeng: Wearing the same T-shirt as my girl friend, then we will look like a pair of cute lovers!
Hyun Joong: No, I will be shy. Wearing the tie or ring from girl friend is alright. But to wear couple T-shirt type of things, I will feel shy.

MC: So like wearing ring and accessories is alright?

Hyun Joong: Yes, no problem.

MC: What about other members, would you wear accessories given by your girl friend?
(All of them selected 'O')

MC: Last question. Where do you wish to bring your girl friend on Christmas?

Kyu Jong: If in Japan, Disneyland. If in Korea, Jeonju, that's my hometown, the rice is very delicious.

MC: Ok, next will be Hyung Joon, you smile for very long right.

Hyung Joon: For me, should be also Disneyland.

MC: Disneyland is really wonderful!

Jung Min: We heard about this just now ah~
Hyung Joon: Actually even if don't go out also alright. Staying at home to decorate for Christmas, making Christmas feast together and then savour it together and have quality private time between two of us.

MC: Then, Young Saeng wish to bring your girl friend to?

Young Saeng: Should be skiing.

MC: Young Saeng know how to ski?

Hyung Joon: Completely NO~
Jung Min: (Shouting) Too much. The way Maknae say is too much
Young Saeng: Although don't very know how to ski, but because is dating, so wanted to have create a love story type of scenerio together with my girl friend.
Jung Min: Then isn't it better to go to both ski & Disneyland (Following that he started to laugh hysterically, don't know why he is laughing XD)

MC: Then, what about you leader?

Hyun Joong: I wish to go to pension (sort of like a retreat resort)

MC: Ryokan?

Hyun Joong: Em~ Bring girl friend to ryokan, and make dishes together.... (Thinking...)

MC: After making dishes?

Hyun Joong: Then eat together...
Jung Min: and also fishing~
Hyun Joong: Oh..... and also fishing
(In between there a sentence can't hear clearly, Jung Min even help Hyun Joong to translate into Japanese XD)

MC: So going to ryokan together with girl friend, for around 2-3 days?

Hyun Joong: Will spend the time together with girl friend for 2 days 1 night, and sent her back on the next day.
Hyun Joong: I will send her back home.

MC: 2 person together?

Hyun Joong: Em~

MC: Even her parents live in Kyoto

Hyun Joong: Em~

MC: Even though it is out of the city (Tokyo is at Kanto area which Kyoto is at Kansai area)

Hyun Joong: Em~

MC: Ok, lastly~

Jung Min: I must make a good report!

MC: (Smile) Ok

Jung Min: I wish to go for oversea tour

MC: Oversea tour? Aren't you always flying oversea recently? Where do you want to go?

Jung Min: Although has wanted to go to Japan, but wish to go to more warm and not so cold countries and spend the Christmas together with my girl friend.

MC: Ok. The above is the places which SS501 wishes to date. Actually, can you made it this year? Dating!

Kyu Jong: Can't

MC: All of you also can't?

Hyun Joong: I can.

MC: You can make it?

Hyun Joong: Should be able. (All the Japan fans started to shout~)
Hyun Joong: Ah~ Ah~ but it is a pity I can't, must wait until in future.

MC: No matter what, once of these day you definitely can go with your girl friend to places you wanted to go! Currently SS501 is very busy so it is impossible.

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