Wednesday, December 30, 2009

[Photo] SS501 screencaps on 'Thank You For Waking Us Up' (Part 1)

This is a MUST WATCH show cos you'll be laughing all the way. Kyu is the lightest sleeper among them but he would always wake up without knowing who those people he was sleeping beside with. Jung Min is the most violent, he would grab your hair and hands when you tried to wake him up. Young Saeng would cover his face with the blanket and refuse to show his untidy image to the camera no matter what. Leader is the most difficult person you would try to wake up. Hahaha..

You can watch the entire program by going to my filmography section and scroll down for the title 'MBC Thank You For Waking Us Up'. I'm going to post up a whole load of screencaps into a few parts~!

Credit: MBC
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