Saturday, December 26, 2009

[Info + Fan Account] SS501 ~ 2nd Christmas Party Chirstmas Card + Truth of 2HJ Bobo & Hugging revealed

Credit: Ameba website + (Chinese translation) 妃茵 @ + (English translation)
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SS501 ~ 2nd Japan Christmas Show
Christmas Greetings Signature Card

Translation (from left to right)
Kyu Jong: Merry Christmas~ Wishes you a good year next year
Hyung Joon: Merry Christmas! Wishes you a Happy New Year!
Young Saeng: ☆Merry Christmas & A HAPPY NEW YEAR ☆
Hyun Joong: Merry Christmas!
Jung Min: Merry CHristmas~ ^O^ Please continue to give me your guidance in year 2010♪


妃茵 Chistmas Gift - Truth of 2 HJ Kissing & Hugging revealed

Christmas Party -

MC asked: "During the Christmas, what love surprises would you give your lover?"

Hyun Joong acted as Hyung Joon's girl friend, hiding behind Hyung Joon who was walking
Then Hyun Joong tapped Hyung Joon's shoulder, the moment Hyung Joon turned back, Hyun Joong give him a kiss~
"Ya~ You fool" Hyung Joon shouted shyly to Hyun Joong.

Following by that, switching of roles from Hyung Joon acting as Hyung Joon's girl friend, hiding behind Hyun Joong who was walking
Then following to the script, giving Hyun Joong a big big hug from behind
"...................." Hyun Joong kept on smiling shyly.

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