Thursday, December 24, 2009

[Message] SS501 Kim Kyu Jong's Message @ DSP website + TOK translation!

Here's another translation from Quainte501 site on Kyu's DSP message + his conversation @ TOK board!! Just a small portion of it only because Kyu only stayed for about 3mins.

Credit: + (English translation) xiaochu @
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Merry Christmas~~!!!! Came here without fail..! 2009-12-24 10:22:40am
Merry Merry Chris Chris ma ma ma ma ssss!!!!!
Christmas which matches well with the cold winter~ is certainly here this year!
Hee ^^ I already ate the cake that fans gave me yesterday~~
Because I ate the cake, for some reasons it feels like Christmas!!
Our pretties, have a nice Christmas too~
Because the weather is very cold, dress up warmly when you go out!!
And~~ Even though it is good to spend Christmas outside~
It is also good to rest while watching a movie at home~~
Listen to nice music too~ ^^
I woke up early in the morning~ washed the clothes that were piled up ~
Leaving a morning message while listening to song~
Oh!! Everyone who left birthday messages to EunAh! Thank you very much~
Our EunAh loves it totally ^^ EunAh is still like a kid..
Do you know you have already graduated from University?!
Woah..T heehee
I am really sorry that I couldn’t watch over you during your University days..
Because you have graduated nicely~ I feel very good and grateful hee
Anyway Anyway!! Christmas!!
Spend it really nicely~
Would there be snow on Christmas..?!!!
If you hope that there will be snow on Christmas..
You knew what song you must listen to today right?!!!
Hee hee Everyone listen to that song while praying for snow to come on Chritmas~~
Well, that person’s song is good~ isn’t it?!!
The voice melts melts melts~ ^^!!
Then, bye everyone~~ have a good Christmas eve! Annyoung Byebye.. <3>

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