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[News + Video] Y-STAR full texts: Kim Hyun-Joong, please continue to shine upon us! *Eng Translated*

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[2009.12.28] Y-Star Interview with SS501 Kim Hyun Joong

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Y-STAR full texts: Kim Hyun-Joong, please continue to shine upon us!

By the end of the year, most major awards ceremonies are about to come, who is the most successful star this year ? He is the one who expose in all major media and get everyone’s attention, right? He is the one with gentle appearance, as well as speak unpredictable by anyone ~ Kim Hyun Joong. This time we carried out a full range of interview with Kim Hyun Joong so that you can get a deeper understanding of the man full of the charm.

[Hyun Joong] Hello, everybody, Y-STAR’s viewers. I am leader of SS501 Kim Hyun Joong.

In 2009, under the trend of flower boy syndrome, star of “Boys Over Flowers,” the four best boys named F4, in which people can not ignore the self-luminous Kim Hyun Joong’s popularity is an explosion. Has the sculpture like unreal perfect face, ears, eyes, lips, nose, are all jealous by everyone. Furthermore, his 4D speaking make all the female in Republic of Korea fell into a so-called “JiHoo discrease”. Don’t know all the female if you are cured or not? Let’s gather up all the big news of Kim Hyun Joong who shine upon us the whole year in 2009.

Kim Hyun-Joong is more than a self-luminous, also shine on the audience who like him. Make all his fans get lost. He who is specially attractive for noona fans, in one endorsement event, met more than 70 fans. The Fansmeeting set the scene on that day is: Fans dating.

[Hyun Joong] Although is a very short time, but give me a chance to do something genuine sincerity for everyone, I am really very grateful. So, you can ask me any questions, I will definitely answer sincerely to all the people.

[Fan] You have a lot of noona fans, what do you feel?

[Hyun Joong] I don’t like people called me “oppa”, just treat me like your friends so I don’t have much pressure.

[Fan] Really? like called you “Hey”

[Hyun Joong] That’s is not always true. If you are younger than me, it is not good to call me “Hey”

[Fan] Then, how old can they call you that?

[Hyun Joong] Actually, there are lots of noona fans who are older than me for many year, like double.

And, after acting in “Boys Over Flowers” and back to be the leader of SS501, he seems more mature.

[Hyun Joong] My appearance seems like getting mature, but my heart has not changed.

[Hyun Joong] Seems like my heart and my appearance can combined together.

[Jung Min] It should be opposite.

[Hyun Joong] Idol should have opposite. … I like to play joke even now. I also love to tease Hyung Jun, is very interesting.

When we mention the difficulty of shooting “Boys Over Flowers”, he will answer honestly, very Interesting.

[MC] Can you share some interesting things during the shooting of “Boys Over Flowers”?

[Hyun Joong] In that period, one of my sock will always disappear. During that five months, I always can’t find a pair of socks to wear. Many fans will give my socks as gift… there will be name printed on it… Guo Jan Di ?… Oh…. is Geum Jan Di and Goo Joon Pyo, So Yi Jung… seems like a long time ago.

After acting in “Boys Over Flowers”, Kim Hyun Joong’s popularity bloomed. He also won the Best Actor for Seoul’s International Drama Awards. But the moment of winning speak still a very memorable memory.

[Hyun Joong] First time to challenge my acting as a singer. Even though is very hard, can participate in this highly popular works, I learned a lot, really is very grateful to everyone for their support.

Discovered by president in high school, he should be thankful for him. He is feeling very grateful for the caring of his family and friends. Don’t know if it is because as a leader of SS501, this is the first time he accepted an award as a actor, his winning speech is very cute. His unclear speech give people a very deep impression.

[Hyun Joong] work… work harder… thank y0u very much.

Looking at his flower like face when he was speaking his winning speech, just like a movie scene. That’s why people don’t really care about his speech is smooth or not.

Kim Hyun-Joong personal charisma definitely better than his good looks. how attractive is his charisma? His answer is very straight forward.

[Hyun Joong] I don’t think I have special charm. If you really have to point out my charm, I think is my honesty speak. However, it is also my shortcoming. Even though I am artist, I am also a singer. That’s why I should have some mystery but I don’t. Actually, I want to communicate with people naturally like a friend is my preference. I hope my fans will have their own family like me and go out together someday.

So we can say that the Charisma of Hyun Joong is very broad. For example, when facing the question of “What is the image control as a idol?”, he gives our his answer naturally.

[Hyun Joong] I think as an idol, I don’t need to have special image control or thought. I just simply think that I can’t give people bad influence. Just want to live simply.

Hyun Joong also don’t care he is a idol with lots of fans and always wear casually.

[Hyun Joong] I really care about my appearance in my earlier debut period. I would buy lots of clothing or shoes to mix and match. Now, I don’t really think about this. Now, I love the most comfortable clothing like slippers, shorts and loose-fitting clothing and hats.

[MC] As you said, you just wear clothing like normal resident.

[Hyun Joong] I think is not like normal resident but the man who sells ice-cream in small village.

4D person like him don’t care about people’s vision when all the idols are crazy dressing up.

[MC] Which photo do you like most?

[Hyun Joong] I love this one.

[MC] Your expression is very deep in this photo. What are you thinking when taking this photo?

[Hyun Joong] I just looking at the camera.

[MC] You should be thinking something. Your eyebrows are all locked together.

[Hyun Joong] I really are not thinking anything.

When Hyun Joong was having H1N1 new influenza, all people were worried about him. However, he still said he was fine in the program, so people didn’t need to worry about him.

[MC] Is your health fine right now?

[Hyun Joong] Even though the new influenza is a very serious disease, it can still be prevented when health management is thorough. Also, seemed to have antibodies after getting this disease so I am safe right now.

[MC] How’s member’s health?

[Hyun Joong] Actually, I don’t need to say anything. They are taking good care of themselves because they love themselves very much so they won’t be sick.

We can describe him as “Flower boy’ or putting any other beautiful description on him, however, we can’t really say we know this shining boy Kim Hyun Joong. We just know that he is full of charm. Let us all looking forward for him in 2010.

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