Tuesday, December 29, 2009

[News] SS501 or Big Bang? Who will be the Best Idol Group?

Credit: hkn24.com + (Chinese Translation) xinhm @hyunjoongchina.com + (English Translation) ss501fighting.wordpress.com
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The best idol group battle is coming to the end. Now is the final battle of SS501 and BB.

Because of this boy group final competition, visitors of the game shopping site increase dramatically. martzzang.com said the final battle between SS501 and BB will be lasting for 2 days and ended at 9am on the 31st.

Four group DBSK and SS501,BB and 2PM had carried out the album sales battle. In the first battle (22nd) between DBSK and SS501, SS501 won with 69%. In the second battle between BB and 2Pm, BB won with 64%. Final will be the selling battle between SS501 mini album ‘REBIRTH’ and BB 2009 concert album ‘Big Show’. The final winner will become the “BEST IDOL GROUP”.

The representative person said “SS501 and BB both have very large amount of fans, the result is unpredictable. This point really make this final very interesting.’‘ Who can be the best pop idol will be coming soon.

All the sales profit in this event will be used as charity.


Credit: ggamnews@hkn24.com + SS601.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com
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The final round lies between SS501 and Big Bang to get the title of the best idol.

Shopping mall www.martzzang.com has a sudden increase of visitors with its Male Idol Tournament. Upcoming till 9am 31-Dec, the tournament will be held for 2 days where the winners of the first 2 rounds, SS501 and Big Bang will have their final round of competition.

Martzzang.com ambitiously prepared this male idol group tournament with 4 groups DongBangShinGi, SS501, Big Bang and 2PM divided into 2 rounds to compete on their album sales. First round (22-Dec) is DBSG vs SS501 where SS501 won with 69%. Second round (24-Dec) is Big Bang vs 2PM where Big Bang got the victory with 64%.

In this final round, SS501’s mini album ‘REBIRTH’ with title song ‘Love Like This’ will compete against Big Bang’s 2009 Concert Live Album ‘Big Show’. The winner among the 2 groups will become the ‘Best Male Idol Star’.

Martzzang.com’s representative Lee JungGap said “Both groups, SS501 and Big Bang, have a huge amount of fans so it is difficult to forecast the victory of this competition, so it makes the competition more interesting. Please anticipate to see who would obtain the honor of being the best idol star.”

Through 1 on 1 sales figure competition, martzzang.com will provide bonus to the customer who bought the victory product. To repay its customers for their support, martzzang.com will also donate its proceeds from this male idol group tournament to the charity.

Martzzang.com has planned to hold competitions for sale of smart phones and cars and various other items next year. Martzzang competition which customers wish to have can be suggested through customers’ recommendation section.

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