Thursday, December 24, 2009

[Audio] Hyung Jun @ Music High 2009.12.24

A sign of hope for Persona Singapore? Okay, let's NOT get too excited first and also DO NOT presume this is official confirmation as we've yet to hear anything from DSP. There's been too much disputes & rumours since the "cancellation" of remaining Asia tour. I even heard people saying about a 2nd Persona Asia Tour at the end of next year. Personally, I THINK it's NOT LIKELY as the timing doesn't seem to fit into the boys' schedules. So please don't hold your hopes too high up first. We'll definitely share the good news with everyone if there's any official notice from DSP. ^^

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[Audio][2009.12.24] SBS Music High-Baby Mention Singapore

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Maknae was reading a message from a listener and he mentions he might be having a concert.

The listener wrote about taking a trip.

Then Maknae says he will also making trip next year because of asia tour and might visit Singapore

Maknae also said he wants very much to visit Singapore and he is very interested in Singapore.

Why? Because Singapore is multi-ethnic and he finds it interesting that people from diverse ethnic background live as one as same citizens.

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