Wednesday, April 21, 2010

[Photo][2010.04.17] Hyun Joong Drove Out His Porsche

aiGoo! So that was not a chair tied to his car!? It's just some orange-coloured container or whatsoever tied to someone else's bike (?) parked behind the car. Haha. Hey it does looked like it had been tied to the car at first glance but not now anymore after some serious scrutinization. Okay, my bad. My eyesight is getting from bad to worse. LOL.

Thanks to the sweeties over at LKHJ forum for analysing that piece of interesting thingy and clearing the clouds.. Ahh yes, I just popped over there and saw the thread on this "news" (and thankfully that I did, if not I'd still be thinking that's a chair).. Hahahah!


Hyun Joong was spotted (or maybe he was tailed by some TS) on the street with his Porsche. Wonder where he had been to and what he had done... Notice that he tied a foldable wooden chair to the back of the car.. By right it should have been able to go into the car with that size... So I guess there must have been some other stuffs inside... Maybe he went grocery shopping?? Haha

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