Friday, April 30, 2010

[Fan Account][2010.04.30] Young Saeng Talked About SS501 Album @ Japan KNTV

Credit: Chara+rbjdlg @Soompi
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He said he is pretty nervous, because it's the first time he does sth like this alone. (Lol, of course.^^ Was to be expected. Makes him only more cute and adorable...) He said, they made photos just some short time ago (photoshoot). Furthermore, the CD will be delayed, but because they promised the special day, 5/01 Day, there will be the release of the photos from the photoshoot.

Youngsaeng: We were here not that long ago and it's great seeing you (Japanese fans) again.

It was the first time being on stage by myself. I was really nervous during singing and so to hide my nervousness I smiled a lot. When you see me smiling while singing a sad ballad song, please think oh he's nervous.

Initially we said the album will come out on May 1st. There will be a slight delay. The album will come out within May. Oh there are a lot of Korean fans here? (that's when the Korean fans clap I think) To keep our 501 day promise, we will release some of the album jacket pictures.

I came here because of the drama and I will come to visit Japan again soon with SS501.
Please love the drama, Will it snow on Christmas.

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