Monday, April 26, 2010

[Info][2010.04.26] SS501 2010 New Official Goods

Credit: DSP Japan + ameblo @arashidaisuki0721 + (Chi Trans) TripleSTW + (Eng Trans)
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SS501 2010 new official goods
Limited only at Hallyu Fan Card concert
Where a purchase official merchandise for more than 5,000 Japanese yen, can be enter drawing for value SS501 autographed merchandise
Top left: supportive cloth (1,500 yen tax included)
Bottom left: Mini fan set (5 per set 2,500 yen tax included)
Top right: the official watch (6 styles 1000 yen including tax)
Bottom right: hand ring set (2 per set 2000 yen tax included)
Official merchandise 12,000 yen including tax for the entire set (5 times for the drawing of signature products opportunity!!)
4 / 25 Can pre-order the following products at the Hallyu Concert : SS501 anniversary of the value model and two travel group AB
The latest official merchandise will be available for online purchase from day after tomorrow.
Details, refer to the Japanese official website homepage:

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